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Dogs not crazy about the kennel lately

Scott M

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Don't know if its early cabin fever, but I've had to have my dog inside now more than ever with the change in weather. She is 8 months old, and we thought she was really comfortable with the crate, but now that she's spending more time in it, she's definitely had a negative reaction. She has a small scab on her nose from rubbing up against the door, and there is a lot of saliva inside the kennel. We let her out and she runs to her water bowl to drink up.

She wasn't ever like this in the summer...I'm not sure what to do, should I try and have her spending more time around the kennel when we're playing, or perhaps feed her in her kennel? I haven't changed anything, all her toys are in there, she's just had to spend more time in there with the changing seasons.

I'm sure it's not the dog, it's me, I just need a few tips to help her regain her comfortability with her crate.

Thanks for any help.

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The kennel/crate needs to be associated with a positive place, make sure you don't just insert dog and close door. We have a 9 month old and are dealing withe same issues. lately we throw treats in there and then have some snuggle time before closing the door. It seems to help, also even if tehy are locked up tehy like to be part of the family and see what is going on so position crate/kennel somewhere where they don't feel isolated. Hope that helps.


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I give my lab two small dog biscuits every time i put him in the crate. When he sees me grab the box, he RUNS to the kennel. If i have to put him in the kennel more than once or twice in a day, I don't give him any more treats but he'll still run in there when I give him the command.

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