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Frabill Ranger XLTwin


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i'm looking to sell my portable, just not sure how much to ask. i only have 3 years under my belt for ice fishing so i could use some opinions on a price. just looking for a fair price. paid $250 for it 2 years ago. i've done some mods to it (click below to see) the boats seats $50each, plus the material. still have original bucket seats (rodholder/fav. beverage holder) comes with hitch and cover. just bought fortress so i dont need this one anymore. was thinking about $300. what do you think? fair? too much?

click for mods


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I am sorry but I would rather go out and buy a new one, in fact thats what I did this year. For $300 I think it is a little steep with it being used and all. Maybe $200? Its two years old, does it have any tears in the fabric?

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Story for you...

I paid $300 for mine about 5 years ago, sold it last year for $225, and with-in a day of posting it at the bait store I had 3 people call and offer to pick it up that day, it was sold in less than 2 hours. One of the later callers offered me $300 for mine with no mods and duct taped holes.


With the price of the new Frabills, (outragous IMO) I would start with what you paid for and add up all the money it cost to modify it, then take about 10% off the total assuming it is in decent shape (no or only small holes in canvas and no bent polls)

I would say that puts you at ~$350, still $150 cheaper than the smaller 2 man new frabill and this house is slightly bigger than that and better outfitted for fishing. Start at that and work down if you can't get it, I would bet you could though.

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no need to be sorry. thats why i posted here. i want to give someone fair price but i dont want to get ripped off either. one of the windows does have small crack. no rips or tears in material. although some pin holes. overall its in good shape.

thanks for the input

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