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Groups you belong to/ride with


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What groups do you all ride with?

The wife and I went on the Dennis Kirk Patriot ride this spring. That ride resulted in three things

1. I joined the Patriot Guard

2. The Lil Mrs got a bike so that she could partake in such events.

3. The Lil Mrs joined the Patriot Guard.

We also ride with the Star Riders. We have been on several of their rides and all have been great. Really liked the one where we went to the eagle center. I bet not many of you have a picture of yourself on your bike with a mature Bald Eagle right behind you!

We belong to a group called the Brothers of the Third Wheel. Even though we do not have a trile the neighbor does. You don't have to have a trike just a love for riding. This has also been a great group of people to ride with. Very friendly bunch and do a lot of weekend rides camping some where along the way.

I have also heard that the American Legion in Nicollet MN has started a Legion Riders group there. I intend to check that out next summer and will probably ride with the Legion as well. I am fairly active in the Legion as the Commander the the Legion Post 37 in St Peter MN.

Lets hear who you all ride with! Take care and N Joy the Hunt././Jimbo

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Email sent! Hope to see ya on the road!

For all here are the links should anyone else be interested:

Membership is pretty informal and you get to know the folks as you go on "missions". Here is a link to the MN Patriot Guard:


Here is the national link but there seems to be an issue with their web site this morning so if it does not work try it again later.


Take care and N Joy the Hunt././Jimbo

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I signed up to be a member of the Patriot Guard riders but unfortunately all the missions I've seen so far have been on days I work.

It's kinda intimidating to go on that first mission also. I don't know the full etiquette on handling a flag or where to get one other than buy one online. Usually I would have to leave on short notice and ordering one online would take too long, then I put off ordering it and forget.

The Patriot Guard riders is a very noble cause and I don't want to offend someone on my first mission by handling a flag incorrectly.

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Walter... go to one and just watch what the other folks do. Treat the flag with respect and fold it up when you are done. The one thing that ya don't want to do is let it hit the ground. You are not expected to fold it into the triangle. If you go to your local American Legion or VFW you should be able to get a flag there, you will want a 3X5 flag. I get the nylon ones as they are lighter and seem to furl out a bit nicer. If you go the the American Legion dot org web site there is a section there on flag etiguete I beleive. I bought an expandable flag pole from there but a 6 ft peice of hand rail that you can transport somehow with a couple of hooks on it will work as well.

They know that everybody can not make all the missions that is why the more people we can get to sign up the more will be at each mission. Take care and N Joy the Hunt././Jimbo

Not trying to sell anything only to provide info so this url may be OK. It talks all about the flag and how to treat it. Hope it's OK


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Thanks Duckslayer. I didn't even think of talking to the American Legion...my dad's a member even! Duh! Thank you for the info. I'll make sure to get out on a mission soon.

Here is a great link for flag information. Check i tout././Jimbo


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We belong to a group called the Christian Motorcyclist Association or CMA for short. We have a chapter located in the Sheldon, Iowa area but there are over 800 chapters in the United States. You may have seen fellow CMAer's doing different jobs around Sturgis or at your favorite rallies.

Here is a link if anybody is interested.


Let me know if you would like to know more about this group...

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