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Howdy all

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Hey all, Kinda new to the forums and just want to say hello and hope I can share some of my stuff with ya's all. I read the how to post pics and I really hope this works if not I do apologize as this is my first time posting a pic.

Happy snapping all.







I hope this worked I had to resize them and I have never resized through PB before.

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Thank you all...

I just got a new camera so once I learn how to use it I will post some more stuff, hopefully better then what my ole digi cam used to do for these ones.

Hopefully get some decent shots out on the lakes this winter, Still kinda new to the area so will be nice to explore some new lakes and sites.

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Wow, Thank you all for the welcome and thank you for the compliments

I was using for the photo's displayed an old hp photosmart 3.2mp, my new cam is a fugi fine pix s1000 10.0mp haven't really taken any snaps yet apart from the few of my pooch.

I love some of the comments like the pink frilly stuff that made me chuckle and the photoshopping the fish pics to make em look bigger (I will have to give that a go hahaha)

Here are 2 pics of my 2 year old pooch (Olde-English Bulldog)



The colors are a lil off with the flash, hopefully wont take me too long to figure this thing out but so far not much success.

Thanks again all for the welcome :o)

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Welcome aboard, IceChicka. Come back often and share some more. Wouldn't it be nice if cute kittens always stayed cute kittens?

Yes, Birdsong is a bit shy. However, I've seen a few of her photos, and she should be posting them. She gets some nice ones, especially a Stellar's Jay from out west.

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especially a Stellar's Jay from out west.

Can't believe you picked that one--I just spent yesterday afternoon reprocessing that one according to Catfish's regimen because it has a simple bg. Good God, I hope it gets a little faster after you get the hang of it. I need to spend all of today icing my 'mouse' shoulder. I could use some help on a couple aspects, so okay, I will muscle up some courage and post it. IceChicka--this is all your doing!!

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wowzers I didn't expect this many welcomes thank you very much all.

Birdsong- When I was looking through everyones pics I was a lil shy to post my very boring stuff since the photography done by everyone is amazing stuff, but I thought oh well it's always nice to show where ya start and then watch the improvements made especially when getting good tips from people to show how and what you learned..

I just opened a new window to see if you had posted and wow thats a great pic, I haven't been able to catch any shots of birds yet. Being from Australia I'm still not familiar with the names and type of birds here but there sure are some pretty ones like the one you captured very nice!.

mmeyer- hehe he's got a cute but ugly lil mug on him huh, I would love to get a pure english bulldog next, even though the Olde's are cute I love the full bully look too (a lil less drool with the olde's)

jonny_redhorse- sweet, this is my first fugi and to be honest I'm confused lol, I am still yet to read the online manual for this cam and I suppose that may help my confusion a little. So many different settings and honestly I've never learned the how to and what things are on a camera so this being my first somewhat technical camera (used to a point and shoot apart from the macro setting) I am lost on what everything is suppose to do.

I feel a lil silly posting that but if I'm gonna learn may as well be honest that I have no idea what I'm doing haha. I may need to hit ya up from time to time on some tips and suggestions.

Thank you again all and thank's for all the nice compliments especially on the lil kitty pic I do have another kitty one with 2 of them but that was a lil harder to get 2 of them sitting still for a sec. My lil boy's pics aren't the greatest pics but I love doing the color accent so I thought I'd throw them in there.

Here's the other kitty pic.


Hopefully it's sized right.

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hehe thanks Lisa the lil orange one was a big boy from birth he came out feet first and I had to pull him out cuz mamma was struggling with him then he wasn't breathing so I had to rough him up a lil to get that first lil squeak, I guess thats why I took more pics of him (holds a lil special place in my heart).

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