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Question For Youth Mentors


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I am considering being a mentor this spring for the youth season.

Do I have any say as to who I would like to take? Or does the youth still have to go through the lottery system? If the kid IS drawn, then do I have a say as to weather I can take him? Or is it all random draw?

Lets hear it from those of you who have gone through this before.

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I mentored one year. The way it was set up is the organizers paired us up with the kids. We weren't able to pick and choose. Which in a way, it would have maybe been more beneficial if we could. There was one boy who lived 15 minutes from the area I hunt but was paired with a boy from the metro area instead.

It created more travel for the parties involved.

But overall, it was a great experience. Definitely one of the best times I've had out in the woods other than going out with my own sons.

To see the expression on their face after the whole experience of calling, the birds fighting, responding to the calls is a blast. The kids just love to see nature at it's finest.

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I think there may be a little bit of choice in the new way, but it might be up to the coordinator of that area. My sister did the youth hunt last year and they made sure to place her with a female mentor so she would be more comfortable.

I'm not sure how much choice they had in the matter, but I know they made it work for us.

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