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Just wondering where you are heading this weekend. Hopefully mission control will let me out and me hit some lakes this weekend. Hit Minnisuing this last Saturday for about two hours and hit a big zero but their driving all over the lake with 12-14" of ice.
Shoot me a post or a e-mail

[email protected]

See Ya!!!

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Sorry buddy, we've got friends coming for the weekend, so my only possibility is an afternoon/evening bite somewhere Sunday. Our friends are leaving sometime Sunday, probably late morning, but not sure.

The river has been a dud lately, and I've kind of got a hankering to get back to Middle Eau Claire and watch the flags fly toward dark. The fish were small last time Northlander and I went, but there were lots of them, and I've found a second spot near the one we were on that's a good area, too. They're driving out on that lake, too, which makes things easier.

Haven't heard that Minnesuing has much of an evening walleye bite, but I'm open to most anything, if I'm free. Tried Minn in the evening in very shallow water once last winter for 'eyes on the advice of a local bait shop guy, but didn't see any fish.

Also, Boulder Lake outside Duluth has a pretty good evening bit going on, and I know a couple spots there. Do you have a Minn license?

I'll let you know if Sunday's in, and we can figure something out.

"I've driven farther before to catch fewer fish . . ."
Steve Foss
[email protected]

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Never heard of the stuff.  English Muffin....Toasting Bread?  I was wondering if you really made French toast with round English muffins? 😵
    • just saw it yesterday in Alex..darn good stuff too!!!
    • that is so great!!!!!  You folks are raising a good son!!!!  
    • Well I couldn’t make it over there yesterday, so my son went over today after school to tell her thank you but he’s going to take his stand down. After a 30 mins conversation with her, he now gained bow hunting, shotgun hunting and turkey season next spring. She told him that he has permission as does the other gentleman and don’t worry about it. This is where it gets good. Cole went out to his stand and guess who shows up asking what he’s doing. The other “kid”. Asking why he is back out there, Cole explained to him that he talked with the land owner and sees no reason why they both can’t be out there. The guy stormed off. So I called him a while ago.....yes the first 15 mins were not some of my best moments, but I finally was able to get to the bottom of his problem. He’s never shot a deer, he’s never shot anything and only took up hunting 3 years ago. Whoever has been “coaching” him has given him some very bad information. Told him things that I’ve never even heard of. So I told him not only will we help set you up, but we will move your stands into good spots, I will hang a double set if wanted and either myself or my son would be glad to sit with you and help walk you through the first time, video tape it and even offered to let him come sit in my ground blind on my field and get him a shot a doe any night. We are all meeting tomorrow night so i can go over some maps with him and show him where I would put my stands at if I were him. I told Him instead of running my son off who could a complete asset to him, learn from him. He might be only 15 but he’s a wealth of knowledge and loves everything about hunting, not just the killing part. He just wants to be in the woods and help others. Looks like a bad situation may turn into a good one.  I hope at some point this fall I can post a picture of my son guiding this gentleman to his first archery deer. 
    • Does anyone know of a place in the Brainerd Lakes area where you can rent a wheelhouse that you're able to tow yourself? I'm not referring to renting through a resort or guide, where you're restricted to the lake and spot they put the house on. I'm looking for one I can haul around. 
    • I did a search ans it seems a shortage happens once in a while. That search came from 2013 and it was the same problem. Hope it just a temporary thing because it makes such great toast.