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Steve Foss


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Cleo, let us know how you do. I've done Minnesuing a bunch of times on ice, but haven't gotten to Nebagamon. With no sled/wheeler and Neb not a safe driving lake, everything that looks good on maps is too long a walk from the access.

And if you know any decent areas close to public access for a guy pulling his portable by hand, let me know.


Steve Foss
Superior, Wis.
[email protected]

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Anyone been out on Lake Nebagamon? Any luck with the crappies or walleys? We have a group that is going to give it a run on Sunday.

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We had 5 guys out by the Y Camp and didn't do so well. We had tip-ups out from 7:30-2:30 and had 5 flags. The only thing that saw the light of day was a 19 inch northern.

The crappies are supposed to be hot out by the lighthouse in about 30 feet of water. They are hanging out about 10 feet off of the bottom.

I have been off of the landing at the public beach to the left about 200 yards and done well. There are usually a few shacks out there. Last year I went out a few times and caught really nice crappies without any electronics. The tip-up action is very spotty. One time I had 10 flags on 2 lines and other times no flags in 8 hours. If you are walking out, that is probably your best bet.

Good luck and let's keep posting the local action!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I think he's saying for the plow operator!!!  LOL!!!  yes it would help ya until ya wake up!!!
    • Agreed that will help calm my nerves when I see a big pile of snow pushed up in my yard, but I was looking to stop it from happening.
    • I thought they were all 4-cycle.  The ones I saw so fare were.  
    • Have you changed anything from your first attempt on venison bacon
    • A pic of the creek where we hunt, my deer, son in laws deer. Blended all 3 to 1. Ended up kinda neat for us. 
    • I have used a Toro single stage for about 10 years now. I was very skeptical until I helped a friend with snow removal. I won't ever go back to a 2 stage. Mine is a 2 stroke but I've seen the 4 stroke Toros in action and they seem just as good. There have been a couple times of heavy snow fall where I had to do the driveway in the middle of a storm and again at the end and also times of breaking up the plow ridge at the end but the pros far outweigh the cons. I like that it folds up like a lawnmower. When I get the mower out in the spring the blower goes under the shelf. No more big bulky blower in the way all the time and the rubber paddles clean right down to the cement. It's light enough to throw in the pickup and if you lift on the handles it'll propel itself if the snow isn't super deep. Go for the single. You won't regret it. 
    • The best snow thrower I’ve used is the one that uses your arms and a shovel😂 No blower or plow for me I can have the driveway done in the same amount of time if not a hair faster than a blower and, we’ve got a pretty decent sized driveway to, We get a good pile at the end from the grader that plows the township roads. I have wanted to mount a plow on one of the wheelers to plow the road as our township is extremely cheap and there must be Minimum 3-4 inches to plow. Anyway single stages are better for smaller drive ways and less snow. Personally I’d never by a single stage as you get a decent snow load and it may get frustrating or that pile at the end from the plow. But being you have a 2 stage as well it shouldn’t be an issue. Finding a good heavy duty rig with a good engine is key. Toro makes a good blower as well as huqvarna IMO. Im not sure if  huqvarna evenmakes smaller blower though.
    • I wouldn't get the Honda 4-Cycle Single Stage.  We have one at work and they are gutless wonders.  We also have the Toro 2 cycle single stage and that has a lot more balls!  IMO.  😉
    • A good bottle of bourbon or case of beer might make a difference.....
    • Great feedback.  I guess I will go with the single stage.  Just wish I had a solution for keeping the plow driver from pushing our entire culdesac's snow onto my lawn.