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is it gonna cost me?

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Back to my ol' friend the 01 Durango, automatic. I posted a quesiton awhile back about a strange sensation, told rotate tires. Didn't really change anything, but then it stopped. So, last weekend driving home it sounds like my engine is revving too much. I pull off and from a stop slowly accelerate, yes it does sound like it.

So here are the symptoms: I don't notice anything in reverse. Accelerating, it winds up to around 2300 before going into the next gear. It will do this thru the 3rd gear, then it may go into 4th, depending on my speed. If it does go into 4th it will not go into OD at all. I took it to one shop and just described what it is doing and told take it to a tranny shop, so I am doing that later today. Tranny flushed and new filter 4K miles ago, told no shavings in it.

Can anyone make any sort of educated guess at what it may be? I don't want to get jacked around but I don't have any mechanical know how to know if I am or not.

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Nope, not good at all!

I would drop the pan and see if you have any metal or junk in their. My guess you will.

A good thing to do is go to a Dodge dealer and get a test ride with a trans tech. and see what they say. Normally, it would be hard to get a tech. to ride with you, but from what I have heard most dealers are not busy at all right now.

Some times a service, flash or update fo the TCM, other external device can be replaced, but most likely I would say it could be O/k time frown.

Good luck!

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Well, luck was on my side: I took it to a tranny shop yesterday and they did their road test, not the tranny. I believe they called it the fan clutch? It is seized up so the fan is just cranking away and that is why it sounds like it is revving, not the engine, but the fan! Said the tranny is all good, so tomorrow new fan clutch going in!

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