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Alright, we can post. Thanks for gettin' on that Catman, good job. Nice to see there's some banter goin' on already. Glad to see the participation. I'll do my best to check in and post when I get out as well, my time is a bit limited however, especially during the week. I live in Northwest WI. as does Catman, matter of fact, we are about three blocks from each other. We have hooked up a few times, but he has yet to show me that pike action he speaks of. Actually, I prefer crappie, or walleye fishing, but I like to think I have an open mind for something different. Anyway, we'll keep you informed when either, or both of us get out. It might not always be good, but, you know, that's fishin', right? Looking forward to sharing info, and possibly meeting/fishing with some new buds.

Set the Hook!!

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Remember our fishless Lake Owen trip last winter?

It was on the southwestern end on the north side of the lake, looking for those unmarked rock humps.

I had all my good luck for pike on tip-ups on the eastern of the two "rabbit ears" on the other end of the lake. Gotta 4X4 through the national forest road to get to that access. You know the one, right across the road from Bass Lake and by the campground. There's a gravel bar sloping toward deep water and some weeds, too.

The public access on the western rabbit ear looks good too, because there's a good weedline next to deep water near that access. That's where I'll probably try this winter. It's a heck of a lot easier to get to. smile.gif

We'll have to do a trip or two for pike, then you can guide me too a couple good walleyes spots to go with the crappie spot you showed me last winter. And I know you know way more about Owen than I do. grin.gif

Steve ([email protected])

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Going off your description I think you’ll be fine leaving a small dock in over the winter.  Anything that would happen shouldn’t be a major disaster.  Keep the deck above the water line.
    • I'm no bird expert, but I'd like to think one of those big neon signs that lights up orange with "OPEN" on it, would help!!
    • Swap the wild bird seed for sunflower chips. Goldfinches love it!
    • Probably 10-15 years. At least.
    • At first glance, I was going to ask if the circus came to town.  LOL.    Really, there is a bird visible there in the photo.    How long has this arrangement been in place?  I ask, since it does take awhile for the birds to find the new feeders.  
    • Another summer with few birds. Anybody see any problems with this feeder assortment? I have 1 or 2 Oriole pairs when I had dozens last year. I have a couple catbirds. I have nuthatches galore like everyone. Purple finches are still around. Also have cardinals like last year. I did have 1 Indigo Bunting but no neat/unusual visitor birds even passing thru. More red-wing black birds than before. No hummers. No goldfinches. No grosbeaks.  I've read house sparrows chase things away and I do have a quite a few but not infested by any means. Lots of blue Jays. Very few of the assorted bigger blackbirds. Haven't seen a cat prowling around hardly all year either. Feeders are kept well stocked (safflower,thistle, premium wild bird seed, black sunflower, grape jelly, & hummer juice) and clean with fresh seed but none of my favorite birds I mentioned. That PVC pole hasn't had a squirrel figure it out for at least 2 years and the couple that did aren't talking. Is this too much too close together? Any suggestions?
    • Dang...  I just passed through Ely on Sunday and glanced at the store, thinking about him.  Quite the character.  No more rides in the Pope Mobile. 🙁   Rest in Peace Sir Maki.   Thanks for posting @leech~~
    • The steep sides on shore continue and drops off pretty fast.  A good peecentage of the pond is 8-10.  I saw one spot that was 11 foot.     The neighbor says it has springs and it took a bit longer to get walkable ice than it should have considering the size.  I had been out on a couple smaller metro lakes last winter, figured it had to have been frozen pretty good.  Two steps on the pond and fell right through. It didn't seem to suffer from any winterkill last winter.  It doesn't get a lot of weeds.     Still working on a fish survey.  I can confirm that there are big goldfish and bullheads.  I have seen some pretty good size swirls around dusk making me wonder if there aren't a few bass in there.
    • How deep is it?  May be they would care if you drop a few bass and sunnies in it?  😉
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