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Alright, we can post. Thanks for gettin' on that Catman, good job. Nice to see there's some banter goin' on already. Glad to see the participation. I'll do my best to check in and post when I get out as well, my time is a bit limited however, especially during the week. I live in Northwest WI. as does Catman, matter of fact, we are about three blocks from each other. We have hooked up a few times, but he has yet to show me that pike action he speaks of. Actually, I prefer crappie, or walleye fishing, but I like to think I have an open mind for something different. Anyway, we'll keep you informed when either, or both of us get out. It might not always be good, but, you know, that's fishin', right? Looking forward to sharing info, and possibly meeting/fishing with some new buds.

Set the Hook!!

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Remember our fishless Lake Owen trip last winter?

It was on the southwestern end on the north side of the lake, looking for those unmarked rock humps.

I had all my good luck for pike on tip-ups on the eastern of the two "rabbit ears" on the other end of the lake. Gotta 4X4 through the national forest road to get to that access. You know the one, right across the road from Bass Lake and by the campground. There's a gravel bar sloping toward deep water and some weeds, too.

The public access on the western rabbit ear looks good too, because there's a good weedline next to deep water near that access. That's where I'll probably try this winter. It's a heck of a lot easier to get to. smile.gif

We'll have to do a trip or two for pike, then you can guide me too a couple good walleyes spots to go with the crappie spot you showed me last winter. And I know you know way more about Owen than I do. grin.gif

Steve ([email protected])

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Apparent-ness!  😄
    • changing it up this year. the pork loin jerky is so dang good all the venny that isnt a steak is going to burger and sausage.   I hope to try your recipe bob on the pork. I bet it will be nice. I gotta go 24 hours tho for whole meat in brine.
    • It wasn't apparent if you meant to turn the fridge into a pellet smoker or some other type of smoker.
    • It's good stuff. I use it with chicken, pork, beef, venison, fish, you name it. I can get it locally at Elden's in Alexandria. 
    • nice indeed to have the height and storage. stand and smoker sat in garage 4 years. He made me a nice deal. 
    • Dave, does get a little crazy on the smoker deal.  Almost Religious! 😁
    • Lol. That's exactly what I just said but thanks.👍
    • You can turn an old refrigerator into a pellet smoker....      
    • I bought a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 40" last winter and ended up giving it to a friend of mine to have at his cabin. They are fine, don't get me wrong but I just wasn't happy with the ribs I made in there as opposed to a charcoal smoker. It is ironic that Leech made the comment about a vertical pellet smoker needing to be refilled often because that is one of the things I didn't like about my MES. Maybe Leech's Char Broil has a bigger wood chip hopper but the MES had to be filled about every 20 minutes to keep smoke rolling.   I'm not against electric smokers and if that is what I had started out on I would probably still be using it but I found that instead of having a minimum of 3 pieces of grilling equipment to store and maintain, I can do everything I need to do with just a pellet grill and still have the ease of set it and forget it like an electric smoker. If I needed a very large cooking space I wouldn't hesitate to pick up one of those Pit Boss verticals even if I ended up changing out the controller for something with better temp control.
    • A local company here, AEM mapping, has completed mapping the lower basin of lake winnipeg, from winnipeg beach across to the east side, and down to the mouth of the red river. The lower red river from Lockport to the mouth has also been mapped. The structure they found, and the detail is astounding and will be a game changer, especially for folks coming up and have a limited amount of time to fish.  The red is available through hummingbird right now, the AEM maps chips of the red and lake winnipeg are compatable with lowrance units only. A full list of compatable units can be found on their site.  Chips will be available mid December, pricing will be announced shortly.