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euro larve help..

Jordyn Kaufer

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I buy mine at Vados and you can order online. I get a good sized container and it lasts at least a month. Trick is to put the big container in your "bait" fridge and then just take what you need for the trip with you. They don't like to get warm and then cold again.

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I order mine online but if you call Vados, I would guess that you could also pick them up. I purchase a box of 1,000 and keep them in the fridge. I do add a very small amount of water every few weeks.

I whacky hook them which is sideways or place the worm on the tip and thread it part way on. I also squeeze it a little to leave a little juice scent in the water.

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Jordyn - go to Vadosbait DOT com - and the front page has all the info - phone numbers and/or online ordering.

You'll probably need a credit/debit card to pay for it - but just give them your address and wala.

It's easy - they've been around FOREVER (I read about them in Infisherman when I was a kid and Eurolarvae JUST came out - in the 80's, as I recall) and they ship all the time.

Can't be any simpler....

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Just go to Vados home page..bottom left you'll see.."Vados Bait Express Shipping Business". Click where it says "Come on in..click here"

Follow the easy steps..I order 2000 at a time.

They keep well in fridge..I use a bait container or sometimes an air tight mason jar. The plain seem to keep better than colored and I can't tell difference in fish catching.

I had to order 2000 more lin mid winter last year..got a lil Bro and a 73 year old neighbor I share with... LOL

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