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The Finicky's Fish Factory.

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Backwater Eddy's "TOP 10 things I know about The Finicky's Fish Factory", and two thing's that might need to be improved upon.

I have been field testing the Fish Factory for Finicky this winter and this is my personal findings..

1-The design is well thought out and functional.

2-The construction is durable and well thought out to meet the needs of a multi species ice angler.

3-Freeze up is nearly impossible if you fallow directions. (-40 no problem)

4-Set up, rigging, storage, all are a snap.

5-The performance of the jigging mechanism is great.

6-The flag and light strike system is dependable and easy to see day or night.So far I have not found any species of fish under the ice that I have targeted that will not respond to the jigging motion. Whether you use the jigger or not, the option to do so is great.

7-The heat exchanger unit functions well for heat, lighting internally, comfert while setting rig's, maintains the batteries charge well as the heated cabinet keeps them nice and toasty.

8-It is fun to use.

9-Catch's fish.

10-Saves you time and effort.

Things I would like to change, or have changed, are:

1-The paraffin based smokeless oil for the lamp is temperature sensitive so you need to remember to keep it warm or it will gel. This can be managed by allowing it to warm near a heat source for a few minutes but once it is liquefied again an installed in the unit it will not re-gel as it will heat itself. I would like to see a more storage friendly fuel if possable.

(Finicky recommends this smokeless oil to prevent sooting inside of the unit or contamination of the line by any fumes or oils. It also is a safe flash resistant fuel so safety is worth the extra hassle of remembering to keep the fuel cell and fill bottle warm in transport and storage. )

(BE's fix for it. Live with it, I see there point.)

2-The addition of a audible alarm to the circuit that like the light may be disengaged if not needed.

(I find that this can be easily fixed or modified with a $3.00 buzzer added in line with the light, a simple plug in modification to the light clip. The buzzer's are avalable at Radio Shack Electronics in the project section.)

(BE's Fix add a buzzer, buzzer's are cool, I like buzzer's!)

My experance this season has been great with the Finick's Fish Factory and will be for many years to come as I see it..

As for the cost, what is this level of functionality an convenience worth to you? How many of us spend a $80 to $100 on a rod and reel without blinking a eye? This unit is made to last a very, very, long time!

Well worth the investment in my book.

Backwater Eddy...><,,>

Backwater Guiding Service

[Editors Note] I liked it so much I decided to add it here: http://fishingminnesota.com/fish-factory.html

[This message has been edited by Backwater Eddy (edited 04-26-2001).]

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    • Just came back from LOTW.  Numbers were down but not bites.  I was a miserable 6 for 15 fish on. 75% of the bites came on the figure 8, I mostly tried to set back into them and they would come "unbuttoned " pretty quickly.  Next year, I will  try pulling them around or if they bite up in the corner of my figure 8, I would then pull the rod straight back trying to set it in the corner of their mouth.   Smaller bucktails got the most bites.  Cranks did pretty well too -- 7" Slammers and Crane Bait.  One friend got a 48 on a Top Raider. I had a 4 -5 large fish follow a top raider or a jackpot but none bit.  My brother got a 50" on a Mepps Musky Marabou.  
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