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New fish house trailer design


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I had a house with the crank mounted on the tounge and it took a little more muscle to raise it up . cables ran ran through some pulleys and to wheel assembly through the frame good idea but I think having a crank on each side is better way to go less problems and easier to fix if needed.I now run HYD for my house to lower and raise so far no problems.

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There's only 1 pulley in this design. The cable runs off of the winch, down through the tongue to the main beam where it meets up with a pulley that sends the cable to the back. There, the main cable is wrapped around an 8' long, 1" round bar that runs through 3 bearings. The pivot arms are brought down by 2 seperate cables, one at each arm. Those cables are wrapped around the ends of the 1" round bar.

There's really very little effort involved. I thought about running 2 cables, with the main cable attaching to another cable that's connected to each pivot arm via pulleys, but I believe that this system is more fail safe, and is less stressful on the whole system. Also, because my pivot arms are so long, I take advantage of the lever action, requiring less force to lift the trailer.

I stole these wheel systems from my fish house for this trailer, and need to build new ones for the fish house. If I go with this method, I'll make the arms even longer than the current ones to ease the stress. Gotta love physics grin

Also, all three cables have more wire than needed, so that if there is a break, I'll still be able to winch the house up. The whole thing isn't perfect, but I'm surprised at how well it worked right off the bat for being a new design. The next trailer will have a few minor improvements, but will probably be pretty much the same setup. MMmm, push button winch grin

My knowledge of hydraulic is pretty much nil, so getting into that would be like jumping off the building without my trusty batman outfit. Probably end up with the same resulting puddle wink

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