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LCD Monitor Recommendations


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Hey All, I'm in the market for a new lcd monitor for my pc. What kinds of things should I look for as far as resolution, contrast etc? I have about $500 to spend and would like to get something in the 20-26" range. Bigger is better with all else being equal right?

Thanks for any tips

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Mike I will refer you to a post from spring.


All things being equal bigger when it comes to displaying photos is not necessarily better. Here are a few LOW priced monitors that I have considered recently.

1. Samsung Sm245T

2. LG L227WT

3. HP LP2475W

4. Dell S2409W

Currently the Eizo's and NEC's are the monitors that do the best at a reasonable price.

If you want to get deeper e-mail me I have some links I can forward to you.

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Thanks Dan, I had forgotten about that thread. That last post my Buzzsaw was maybe the most important as my pc is pretty old and my graphics card is as old so I better upgrade that also!

Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving

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Yeah, the long lost graphics card, one item that kind of ties everything together but is easily forgotten about. I upgrade cards almost yearly so I don't even think about that aspect.

Have a Happy Turkey Day!

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