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Fishing Knots?


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Just wondering different ways people tie their knots? I use the Clinch Knot. Where I wrap the line 6 or 7 times around itself and than back through the original hole.

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I like the Palomar knot for tying hooks onto the main line. Easy to tie and very strong. The "Uni-Knot" is good for tying 2 lines together. I use this on my panfish rigs where I have a hi vis yellow line for my main line, and splice on a 3-4 foot piece of flourocarbon for the leader.

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Improved clinch or the uni. I prefer the uni thought because I can tie it without looking and when my hands are cold. Nothing sucks more than trying to get the tag end through a small loop under sub-optimal conditions.

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i use the "fishermans" or "muskie" knot is what my grandpa called it and taught me when i was about 5.

wrap it around 4-5 times....go through the bottom loop that the line makes right above the eye of the jig/lure....as you pull it through that loop it forms another loop above it....go through that loop and pull tight.

some people just go through the one bottom loop and pull it tight...but going back through does make it stronger and holds it 10x's better imo....sometimes i just do the original one but when i go to pull it tight sometimes the knot slips or breaks when i pull it tight.

its best to wet your line before you tie a knot...either with water or just run it through your mouth a back and for a couple times....also the more times you wrap it around doesn't mean your knot is stronger...it actually makes it weaker imo.

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I've always used the clinch until I started using Fireline. Then I modified it. After bringing back through the original loop, I also returned it through the last loop. This seemed to hold better with Fireline. I don't know if that stuff is that slippery or what but just a cinch would slip right apart if I pulled on it.

About a year ago I started using the Polimar and haven't gone back.


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