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human mange, mite bites, flees

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Anyone ever have a problem with themself being infected with something from the animals they skin. I have had mites from ducks. Now I have something I'm not sure of on my skin. Could be a hot tub rash. 12 small pimple like things on my body and some blister like stuff on my right hand. Poison Ivy still out?? I read online and it is possible for humans to get mange, but it don't last that long.

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Poison Ivy and stuff like that has oils that get on things and stay there, clothing, skin, fur. It sounds like poison ivy? I'm not sure what poison oak, or poison sumac look like, but I would suppose it would be similar? Look it up on WebMD and if you aren't satisified as to what you have, go to the doctor.

Human mange would be called 'Scabbies' works the same way as it does in the critters, a small mite burrows into your skin and lays eggs. Had em when I was a kid, I can see why they drive animals nuts and they eventually die due to complications from it.

They about drive you crazy! A couple of soaks in a tub of water with this white liquid in it, don't know the name of it and the mites are kilt. To bad the critters don't have something....I've caught fox and coyote in the past that had that stuff and it is awfull, just awfull.

I got in touch with the extention service at the Univer. Of Mn. and asked them if that stuff could be transfered to humans and they said no, but I always used gloves, never knowingly skun one out that had it and always washed my duds immediately when I got home, after being around one.

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Hey goosebill

I have chronic lyme,so I know alittle about tick born infections. I plan too hunt coyotye this year ,and will not touch them until I spray the coat down with a chemmical called permatine. I spray it on my hunting clothes ,let it dry, and it will kill deer ticks on contact. (it works even after being washed 3 times. So the way I figure if it can kill deerticks nothing else stands much of a chance. Do Not I repeat Do Not spray it on your skin. Also where gloves that will go up too Your elbows. I might be too careful ,but This is my 20th year of lyme diease and it is no fun. I don't hunt as much as I used too but I still get out there with my cane. Good luck hunting.


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