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The Bronco Kid

Ammo Sale

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On September 10th & 11th H & H Sport Shop of Maple Lake is having their annual ammo sale and gun shoot. The ammo sale will take place at H & H Sport Shop in Maple Lake. The Gun Shoot will take place at the Waverly Gun Club.

At H & H Sport Shop there will probably be deals on ammo and possibly guns, but check back as the we get closer to the date and I have more information.

At the gun club there will be numerous gun and ammo reps. At the moment I don't have a complete list of who will be there, but I do know for sure that Benelli, Para-Ordnance, Taurus, PMC, CVA, Smith & Wesson, CZ, Federal, and Beretta will have reps availibale and product for you to try out. I am sure that there will be a few others so stay stunned for more information.

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The hours at H & H for during the ammo sale will be 8am to 8pm on Fri. (10th) and Sat. (11th) of September.

The hours for the gun shoot at the Waverly Gun Club will be noon to 6pm on the 10th and 9am to 5pm on the 11th of September. You will be able to shoot probably around 100 different guns. All you will have to do is buy the rounds of ammo. I think they the ammo in like 5 round increments.

I am pretty pumped, there are a lot of guns I would like to try.

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Does H&H carry Kent Faststeel? What do they cost a case during the sale? Would it be worth me waiting till then? I have a couple boxes that I can use for early goose. Can you mix and match shot sizes when buying a case?

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Fork Horn.  Welcome to the forum and thanks for the ice report.   eyeguy 54 title fix. 😊
    • Medicine has some ice in the north shallows, but is mostly open. Rice is 3/4 froze over. Should be making ice tonight with cold temps and calm.
    • LOL,  Don't p i s s Carol off! 
    • I have the Helix 7 Ice and there is no way you could pry that from my hands for a noisy spinning round dial thing. ( I was going to type flasher but I know what types of snarky GIF's would have been posted in reply to that. 
    • I’m glad Lavine is gone! With him on the team, wolves would’ve been in last place last year. He is NOT a winner! Chicago sucked last year! They suck this year! And they’re going to suck next year! I think Jimmy Butler would have stayed if we would have shipped off Wiggins. If anything, this trade should help reduce minutes for KAT and Gibson in a positive way.
    • Well, I’m only about 5 minutes into the next show, and I already know the older Judith will be more annoying than Carl was. Yep, show is back in the pits!
    • I think the trade sucks if they actually had the Heat's offer of Josh Richardson and a 1st round pick plus another player...even Richardson and the first round pick would be better then Saric, Covington, and a 2022 2nd!  Maybe I am off on this (Saric and Covington aren't the worst return) but looking back I wish they had stuck with Lavine, Markinen, and Dunn!  Oh well glad to put this behind us and start the healing process!!  hope Butler brings the 76ers and their "Process" down!! 😂  Go Wolves!!
    • My son was able to gain access by connecting it to his desktop. It required 12v power to drive it. Thanks.
    • UFFDA dats close!!!!!!!!!! we are close to the spring lake store iffin you go that way much!!!!!!
    • Not much to complain about so far, must be why its so quiet in here. From the games I am seeing we don't even look all that great yet but are finding ways to win and Dubs/parise/granlund have been amazing. Will need some depth to kick in to be any kind of real contender, and of course we need to find a way to actually score goals if we make the playoffs, it seems that is always the issue.