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Best Walleye presentations...


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You will get a lot of responses.. I myself like to attack pretty hard for starters. A good jigging spoon, like a Rattle Varmit, or Lindy Flying Spoon is good. IF I find an area in which I will probably stay, I will put down a second dead stick rod. Often times with a Gem-n-eye and a full minnow..

I will at times use swimming lures like a Jigging Rap or Nills Master Jigging shad.. they can be deadly at times too.

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I like Dietz almost always start with a spoon or something like a jigging rap. I also start out agressive and then if the fish arent as agressive as I am I gradually tone it down until I start getting bit. If Im running 2 holes I deadstick a bare hook with a bead and minnow or small jighead and minnow in 1 hole and call the fish in with a spoon in the other.

There will be times when the eyes are real sluggish I will have 2 deadsticks but I find I almost always jig something in 1 hole. Seems to get me more bites on both rods.

One jig Im using more and more is the Lindy Flyer with a plastic of sorts on it. The motion of the flyer jig works on all types of fish and you can make it real active or barely move with different rod pumps.

We all get caught in our old ways at times but I force myself almost every time out to try something new or that I havent used in a while. Its rewarding when you can catch fish when others arent on the same old same old.

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Welcome to Fishing Minesota and IceLeaders. Here's a couple links you can check out about walleye fishing:

From the walleye forum Go To Ice Lure

Also, we just did a podcast on early ice tactics and I spent a few minutes talking to Deitz about early ice walleyes Early Ice Fish Locations

I fish them much like Deitz and Northlander - get a jigging spoon with a minnow head down there and start working it and watching my LX-5. And if I'm fishing in a small area where I can use a sedond line then I put down a deadstick with a live minnow on a gem-n-eye or similar ice jig.

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