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Climbing tree stands


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I was wondering if anyone on FM has either a Tree Walker or a Equalizer and if so what they think of them? I know about Summit and Lone Wolf being two really good stands, along with the others that i have read about but I came across these two this weekend when I was goggling Climbing tree stands and they look pretty solid! Any impute would be super.


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I picked up a Summit Titan this year. It's a bit heavier when you have to carry all of you normal gear in, and now your stand as well. I really liked having it though and the stand is pretty quiet while climbing depending on how careful you are. It's also really comfortable. It's as comfortable as our most comfortable ladder stands that we have in place where I do most of my hunting.

The big thing I liked about it was it gave me choices and options. It doesn't fit in every tree, but neither do the other stands.

I picked mine up mainly to try to hunt around the Metro. Since you can't use screw in's in public land it was kind of a given.


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Hello Chris,

My Brother-In-Law who hunts the land as well found the leftovers of a deer two weeks ago so i would guess its her but who knows.

There seems to be allot of good climbers out there and like i mention, all the different of Summits are good and Chris weighted in on his API being great.

Thanks for weighting in on your brands and I did not expect to get a huge response on the two i mentioned because both are produced in the South and I know one of them do not have dealers in MN and the other one may not as well.

Thanks guys for your comments. have a great Thanksgiving.


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I have used a Tree Lounge for the past 12 years. It is the most comfortable stand I have found for an all day sit which I do often. It is a little on the heavy side but with the use of a cart or this year the bolt on wheels, it works great and doubled as a cart to haul a deer out over 1 mile.

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