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Project home addition


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Thanks Coach. It will be a living room and Rec. room. The basement will be storage for the time being.

I just picked up half the load of knotty pine 6" T&G. Will be doing the walls and ceiling with that.

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Gotta be some money in roofing???

Something to keep you busy until Spring.

Ha, you would know more than I do about that. smile

I will be busy working and working on this for awhile. Will have the inside finished in a few weeks, if I ever have some time to work on it.

Did 12 square off and on today and will be working on the addition tonight. It's getting close to the ends of my wits, but it's better than sitting on the couch with a case of beer I guess. wink

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The ledge is for a concrete slab in the future. The retaining wall will continue to the new addition.

I was wondering since I did not see brick on the rest of the house.

Way to think forward enough to plan for the future. The costs now is minimal, but would cost a lot in the future, and we will not have any heaving to deal with on the new slab.

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A few updated pics. I am finished with the woodwork for the most part. I made all of the extension jambs and trim out of the knotty pine left over from the walls.

Applying a few coats of polycrylic now.




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There will be just regular carpet on the floor. Thought about wood because my neighbor does it for living, but too much wood echoes. It pretty loud in there now with nothing to absorb the sounds.

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