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Dodge 4x4 transfer case

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I have a 97 Dakota 4x4, I can get it into 4H without any problems, but it has a tendency to want to pop out of gear. Also the last time I tried to get it into 4L I had to physically muscle it into gear and hold it there. I was told there is a nut on the end of the output shaft in the transfer case, that if it comes loose can cause some problems. has anyone got any ideas orhad this kind of problem with a dodge 4x4.



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Funny you should say that. I had the same problem with mine. you just need to adjust the linkage that connects the lever to the transfer case. It is basically a collar that slides on a shaft and you tighten a bolt into the collar that hits the shaft to lock it in place. You will need to loosen the collar bolt(with the unit in 2wd) and then either have someone hold the shifter back about 1/3 inch from all the way forward and tighten the collar bolt. If you tighten the collar bolt when the shifter is all the way forward it will pop out of 4H. Mine is a 96 so it is somewaht different this mght be the same.

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