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If you could play with any other 9, who would they be?

Scott M

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You can pick whoever you want for whatever reason, here are my choices, in no particular order:

Steve Nash-shares the ball and pushes the tempo better than any other.

Kevin Garnett-leader, funny guy for his quotes and trash talk, always plays hardest and leads by example, tough

Shawn Marion-does what it takes to win, stat stuffer...would be fun to see him running with Nash again

Allen Iverson-pound for pound toughest guy out there. shares the rock, scores at will, funny to watch when he's out to show somebody up, his posse and ghetto 'street cred' attitude can be kind of funny to see

Magic Johnson-loves the game, fun to be around, shares the rock and gets flashy

Larry Bird-intense, won't let anyone beat him, guy that you want taking the last shot

Bob Lanier-stat stuffer, funny guy to talk to or be around, practical joker, always made his teammates better

David Robinson-just a machine to watch, great teammate and human being

Hakeem Olajuwon-just to watch the sweetness of all his moves, and the defense, the way I wish every 7 footer played

If I put this 9 plus me against your nine and you, even if you had LBJ and MJ, I think I would win on skillsets alone. I didn't give any really good reason for picking the team, I just think these guys would be the group that is the most fun to play with for a variety of reasons, with winning as a secondary function. Does that make any sense? There are just some guys that are fun to play with and some that are not.

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any of the big men the wolves have had....Stan Roberts, Paul Grant, Luc Longley, Stacy King, Randy Breuer, Felton Spencer, Calvin Booth, Brian Cardinal, Jason Collins.......I am sure there are others but can't think of them right now

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Mike Brown

Bill Curley

Greg Foster

Dean Garrett

Andres Guibert

Tom Hammonds

Marc Jackson

Ervin Johnson

Brad Lohaus

Marlon Maxey

Oliver Miller

Todd Murphy

Cherokee Parks

Eric Riley

Sean Rooks

Cliff Rozier

Brad Sellers

Loren Woods

All these wolves big men make me want to puke. sick

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