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Could not find what I wanted....


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I looked at flip overs, I looked at cabins, I looked at hub type pop ups.... although they all had features I liked none of them in my opinion was what I wanted sooooooo I made what I call the Hole Hopper.

You may all start laughing now laugh




The best thing about the whole deal was I made it out of left over stuff I had in the shop, the only thing I had to buy was $5.28 worth of screws, nuts and bolts.

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the bucket acts as a ice hole sleeve and there is a catch cover for the hole when you take the bucket out.

Nope it is 36 x 60 it was planned as a one person hideout.

I have a larger permanent for when there is more than just me.

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Looks really great and so is the price. I could see me using it and the first time I would set the hook my arm would be out the roof. I don't think that there is a house tall enough for me. Sooner or later I will hit the roof grin

I can't tell you how many time I have hit the roof in my Otter Lodge.

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LOL, first time I saw that bucket I thought it was an ice house!!

Just givin you greef. It's a good looking house and you can't beat the price at all. You did a great job. It would probably be a little low for me settin the hook as well. Do you think the carpet will hold up? That would be about my only concern, but other than that it's a very nice little house.

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Let me answer the questions I saw in the thread hopefully caught them all.

The center roof support is a metal closet pole socket on each end and wood closet pole with angles cut on each end to fit.

You guys must set hooks like my old man did. hit both sides of the fish house and the roof or on open water darn near tip over the boat. smile Don't think it will be an issue for me I am not quite that aggressive LOL

My permanent has carpeting in it and I love it no slippery floor, wears well, insulates

The blue tarp is just that an old blue poly tarp... I put it on there more to make a pattern and will cut a heavier one in the future if this hut works out the way I hope it will.

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