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Iowa Nonresident License Requirements

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So I finally bagged a pheasant today after several hunts this year. It was great hunting and a ton of fun.

I'm headed down to Iowa over Thanksgiving and was looking at licensing requirements. It looks like the out of state license is a bit pricey (although I expected that). But the other thing I noticed is they say they require hunter safety if born after 1972. Well, I was born after 1972 and I don't think I have proof of a hunter safety course. (I did take one a LONG time ago in cub scouts!)

My question is: would my MN hunting license be enough to fulfill the requirement for a license in Iowa?

It is an interesting side note of the side effects of such a law. I'll probably only hunt for a day or two down there. Nevertheless, I'd tend to go ahead and pay the $80 for a license, since I tend to get bit when I try to cheat. Given the requirement, I'm much more tempted to just cheat and go without the license for the day. Or just scrap the day of hunting. In either case, Iowa is missing out on my $80.... oh well...

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Call the IA DNR and ask but I'm guessing your MN license will be good enough.

As far as a NR license....it's pretty much that same cost no matter what state you go to hunt roosters as a NR. MN is 84.50 plus 7.50 pheasant stamp = $92.00. Iowa - 80.50 small game license and 11.50 habitat fee = $92.00 and with the wet spring that Iowa had, MN is offering a lot better pheasant hunting this year than Iowa unless you are going to NW IA. Actually in 2007 MN hunters reported shooting more pheasants than Iowa hunters....the first time in history.

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Your drivers license should have your firearms cert.on the back if you took it.

That's only true if you make a special point to make sure they are connected when you go from the old style license to the new. You have to bring in your gun safety and your snowmobile safety certificate when you renew and then they'll get it put on their. Neither of mine show up...

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