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New home made gear

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I spent my days off from school learning to build decoys,Carved,molded and cast my own heads. Then taking what was suppose to be cut up and tossed in a dumpster turned it into a treasure.

From this


To This




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The Blocks






Got aways to go on the painting but thats the fun of learning..They rode sweet in the high winds,wont ever leak and what little time I gunned over em,managed to put 3 mounters in the freezer .

I built G eyes and Common mergies and full body black ducks .. Didnt get pics of them yet..

I started 3dz more ringer and G eye this week. Sure like how the river keels handle the big waves on long lines.. I will have about 75 by done by spring.The ones in the works,last winters and the 4dz herters 72's Im casting new heads for will give me about 150 unsinkable longliners....

Thinking of teal and mallards next year.

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Great job Mutha! How'd the season go for ya? And where did you learn to carve the dekes? If you get a chance, it would be awesome to see a step by step with photos story. Or one on how you builtyour boat, not that I expect you to do another one of those!

No matter what that's a job well done. I want to give that a try some day.

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Got most of my ideas off the hunting and decoy sites. Id list em but I don't think it would fly long...

After pricing carstens ect and knowing Im gonna alter it, made no sense to buy one.

The boat will handle a gas motor and has 2 deep cycles,a huge bilge pump,removable carpeted floor panels,interior lights a 12v heat pad/personal warmer from Cabelas. The wife made me a layout blind style cordura cover with stubble straps that I tie colored raffia to for grassing.Thats tensioned down with 2 bungies and is easy to slide off for running cripples.

My next project is a weed eater mud motor,again found the plans and watched a video of one working fine on the web.

Actually I will be building another,been given a 16'er of the same brand and a tri hull that might make a sweet 2 person layout for under $300 Ill take some pics as it goes..

Thanks for the kind words it sure is a rush seeing birds drop into your blocks....

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muthagoose would you please pm me or email at [email protected] I have some questions about hunting up your way. We are atarting to hunt south of you and just want to know if its worth our time for next year. We have scouted the area but are still new to area up there. Don't want to know any areas up your way, but you are close to were we want to start hunting and just wanted to know if the area hold birds. Please pm or email so I may give you more details. The boat and deeks look great!

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Doctari longlines, I got the 6'heavy clips.Cheap by the 100 and used green weed eater line with 3/32 cable crimps..

The hoody is from the

"Jerry Garcia Dead Head Camo Collection'..

Actually we get a new one every year and have referred enough people to "Uneek" that they made us green and brown ones ...

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Wow, don't know how I missed this earlier, but great looking boat mutha, and those dekes are AWESOME! My brother and I made some burlap/foam decoys, and they turned out okay, but not nearly as nice as yours.

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Im gonna try a 6 maybe a 9 horse on it this summer for kicks but the electric gets me around fine however it gives me a perfect reason to buy a bigger electric and if not I tend my spread with the fishing boat/45hp..

Finished 30 total ringers,buff's and G eyes.2 weeks ago and now have 2dz+ bills ready for paint.

Carved and made molds of new drake and hen common mergie wigeon,redhead,pintail and both green and bluewing teal..

Ill post up some pics once I get the next batch painted. I do have 3 1/2dz brand new herters 72's that might be for sale.

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Nice Job man! All you need to do now is learn how to call ducks with your mouth and you will do everything yourself! Iv heard of southern duck hunters using their mouth to call ducks with great success. smile Thats some great craftmanship on the boat and the decoys, you could really start a buisness with that skill...

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Thanks for the compliments. blush

I'll stick with using call's cant sing so I'm sure mouth calling wouldn't work..

Been asked to come up with a couple new class's at VCC, may do a Decoy 101 and a fly tying 101 class's.

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