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Any reason not to ?

MN Mike

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Just getting ready to put the boat in storage for winter, it has a 70 + gallon gas tank and it's pretty low BUT gas prices are dropping fast. I'm thinking of filling it now before I put it away, any reason not to? Can't imagine gas can get too much cheaper...... can it?

By the time it comes out next year, we'll be nearing Memorial Day, summer travel season blah, blah, blah...... many reasons for gas to take a jump. 70 gal. will get me thru 2/3rds of the open water season, maybe more.

Just curious.


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Depending on your storage conditions, a full tank is less likely to have issues with condensation and so it is usually to one's advantage to fill the tanks. The suggestion to use a fuel stabilizer is a good one.


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This year the mechanic told me not to fill it up. Condensation isn't a problem in Minnesota in winter and that way it gets a good shot of fresh gas in the spring. Sounds plausible, but so did the "fill it up" which I always did before. Fortunately, up north it is possible to buy "off road" gas without ethanol.

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