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johnny stewart preymatster pm3


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looking to buy an electronic call for winter yote hunting what has everyone had success with and is easy to use.... loud???

what do i need to get

anyone used any of the preymaster series from johnny stewart?

thats what i am thinking of buying

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How much money are you will to part with? I started with a home made caller and a wireless reomote controller. I spent probably 200 bucks in parts and stuff, after 2 seasons I bought a Minaska Outdoors M1 Bandit. should have saved that first 200 bucks, and bought my call the next year. I have a buddy who uses a Foxpro unit. He started with a FX3 and now he has the FX5. When we go out we take both callers. I like his caller and I like my caller. the last 6 months there have been new models added at the lower end of the cost spectrum from Johnny stewart calls and Primos.

My Bandit was $450 3 years ago. Foxpro is releasing a new caller called the fury, which means a lot of guys are upgrading and selling their older models. check out the foxpro HSOforum, they sell refurbished units as well. Minaska is a great caller, but they have been suffering some growing pains as a company and have been suffering with customer service.

I always head out with electronic calls and hand calls.

The foxpro's have two speakers, one dome and one horn speaker. I don't really notice the volume difference between mine and theirs.

Hope this helps some, definately look online at the company's HSOforum and other sites where people sell stuff globall-E!

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any of the calls will work effectively with the right set up, including hand calls. I have a preymaster from johnny stewart and i love it. All i use to use before was hand calls till i won the preymaster from a banquet. Now i use both my hand calls and the preymaster. I do have more yotes comming in to the call and closer with using both calls compared to the hand calls though. Sure you can go out and spend lots of money on calls if you want. Think about what your accutally doing with the animals you kill. Are you selling the fur or just shooting them to get them out of the area? I figure with what little i have invested in my calls and for how many coyotes i shoot and sell, I could go out and buy a 5,6 hundred dollar call but i'll just stick with what is working good for me!

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