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Is this a good deal?


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A guy I know is selling a 1979 340 Jag.

He said something about a Suzuki engine and only 2400 miles.

He said he wants $450.

Anyone have any thoughts on this.

It is for my kids. They have a 120 right now that they share -- they are approaching 9 years old.



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An older sled like that one is high maintenance. Personally I would rather be riding, rather than wrenching a sled all winter. You can find some deals on skidoo frestyle sleds, or something like a polaris indy. Search the classifieds on the hardcoresledder HSOforum or dootalk. You can also find values of snowmobiles on the nada and kelly bluebook websites to see if your paying retail.

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I do have an opinion, although i am not a huge sledder, i have owned several older machines, including the one you are looking at. I sold it last year, and was not really happy about that. When i purchased the machine, it was from the original owner, mainly easily ridden. The machine was very clean, no rips-tears-scratches-etc.. That is one of my criteria, that if a machine is really nice and clean, if something does happen i feel better about fixing it. I owned that machine for about 8 years, and the only thing that i touched was to check/clean the carb once. Otherwise just basic maintenance. It started every time on two pulls, and ran and idled great. Really a neat machine. So, as to the 450, my opinion is on condition. Great condition, mechanically good, i would pay that much. Tore up or not running perfect at time of sale, probably a couple hundred less. Hope that was of some help!

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Its 30 years old, you will be working on it. Things like idler wheels/bearings, drive and axle bearings. The seat, even though its OK now its going to crack. The track can't imagine it'll have much life in it and they crack too. Clutch? 30 year old crank seals would be in the back of my mind. The cost to fix those can add up. When you figure what your sinking the time and money into its becomes not worth it. The sled has sat unused for large amounts of time, thats not good for an engine.

Pitted crank bearings would be a concern. There is always some uncertainty when buying a used sled, even more when it 30 years old.

It takes a special person to want that sled.

IMO the price isn't quite enticing enough to take the gamble.

Having said all that I've resurrected a couple dozen old sleds.

I'd sell them and keep a couple around for my use.

I had a cheap supply of parts and purchased the sleds for very little or nothing. It comes down to are you capable of dong the repairs yourself. Then again you could get something newer that needs work.

Its a tough call and I probably wasn't much help.

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Myself being of little or no mechanical ability I wouldnt touch it at any price. Like Frank said at 30 years old you will surely be dumping money into it.

To help you out a got a 1995 Polaris XLT last winter for $600.

I also got a 1996 XLT 2 up with electric start and reverse for $250 and just had to have a cylinder redone.

Look for sleds in the mid 90's in good shape and you will be ahppier in the long run.

If I break down on the lake or trail I probably wont get the sled running again by myself so I want something I can depend on. The sled your looking at will surely leave you out in the cold sooner or later.

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I would call it a deal good choice on your part, older sleds that are in good shape are in good shape becuz the previous owner took very good care of it! kinda like classic cars take care of them and they run just like new ones. have fun and enjoy the classic smile

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