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Flasher Question


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Just picked up a Vexilar FL8-SE Pro Pack. Anyone use this model? I got the one with the dual beam transducer which will be nice. Anyone have suggestions to one that is fairly new with this piece of equipment. (suggestions that do not include what I "should have" gotten) I picked up the attachable flashlight and the soft case but if there are any other options I missed LMK

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Actually sold my FL-8SE last year, then went and picked up a FL-12. After using the FL-12 a few times I kind of feel like I let go of an old friend.

I just need to keep telling myself that it's an electronic device, not something with a heartbeat...

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If your's does not have the battery charge level indicator, I would recommend getting it.

Make sure you charge it after each use. It will help the life/capacity of the battery. I am guessing that it is not an automatic charger so make sure you unplug in once you notice it is fully charged.

If you are new to flashers/vexilars - Read over the manual carefully, and also go to the Vexilar HSOforum - it contains additional information/tips. From the Vex HSOforum, click on the ice fishing today link - it has video of their TV show + extras that will show you use in action. All very good info.

Good luck with it, you'll have a blast with it!

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I second the battery charge indicator. That I say is a must have. Before I bought one last year I thought I had a good charge on the battery and then 1/2 hour into the day fishing the Vexilar went dead. I may pick up another battery thinking of that.

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I tell ya what guys, I just got my Blue Light Vex conversions back and man-OH-man..is that ever SWEET!

Super crisp bright readings, and for me a much better color scheme to help me out with color blindness issues. It's a whole new ball game and well worth the $59 to get the unit refurbished as good as new.

It is truly amazing to how much cleaner it appears to me..after using them for 28 years...I'm pumped to have this option available for folks.

I will show mine off at the Fargo GM store, (when I'm not using it that is), so you guys can see exactly what I mean. You really need to see it to judge how much better it will be for you personally.

I had to wipe the drool off it yesterday when I showed it off.

So...if you have an older unit that may need to be serviced...update it...and get it tuned up by the crew at Vex service dept for peak performance...it is WELL worth it. I got my units back in 3 days from time I shipped it to Vex...now that is service too Eh!

An option well worth considering.

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Thanks again for the input guys, I did misspeak. I did get the ultra pack, not the pro pack. This did include the dual beam transducer, and the battery life indicator light, The only thing I am not rocking is the zoom feature. I am ok with that though as i usually fish the shallows, and this year I am gonna try ice fishing the river for the first time. I am pumped!

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