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winter weather reports 2008-09

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Well we are starting a early winter this year guys and its snowing like crazy out right now here in the valley and the temp is 20* and droping.This is a great thing for our small bodies of water, Im keeping my fingers crossed we get some early hardwater that would be awsome. Im looking foward to fishing with the gang this year we need to have a little gathering somewhere so we can tell lies and fish alot wink.


Time to warm up the snow blower

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Had an interesting experience coming back from Todd's house ona long [PoorWordUsage] hill off Fairview. I think I'm looking for some winter studs for the front end of the van for hill climbing.. Thanks for the help Todd that baby got dicey trying to back up and run, needed a friend. Thanks Pal..

BTW Peanut was jealous when I got home, she kept looking at me like I cheated on her, LOL.

Stopped at Dunkin Donuts in Oneida and was talking with a guy who works there and he said Fairview and and your road do not get great attention as far as plowing and salt during the winter, the kid told me all they care about is making sure rt. 5 is clear..

We only picked up an 1" of snow total in southeast Rome overnight

Call ya later...

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It was 20* even this morning and the 2 big ponds in the back 150 are locked up tighter than Timmy's Wallet grin

I wonder if there are any Pannies in them. The rich old lady next door probably had them stocked when they were made...I will inquire.

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It didn't get above 30* at all in Central Madison County today...I woke up to go teach at 6:30am and it was 23*.

We may be able to get on around here this weekend or it's off to E 28 for a Pirate A$$ Whooping. We traveled last year...what makes it differen't this year?

I have room for a few if interested!

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I arrived here to teach this morning and it was a whole 9*...that makes me happy. It is supposed to reach 40* they say...but it will be more like 30-35*. Then the weather guy this AM said we have an Arctic Blast coming in on Thursday with some snow. I know the place I fished on Mon. has made at least another 2 inches and shouldn't be affected too much by todays weather. Then the cold front will tighten it right back up for some fishing this weekend! I will keep you guys updated on the conditions.

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