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least easily stolen style of fish house

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Any recommendations? I'm considering building one and would like it to stay where I leave it.


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If your going to leave it in one area for a period of time, just make it so the wheel sets can be taken off.

I don't care what manufacturers of the trailers say. They are all "stealable", some just make it more difficult.

things that make it more difficult.
1.Remove the wheel sets, not just the tire.
2. Remove hitch. This is questionable...see note below
3. Remove winch.

1 is the most important, but remember, someone else probably has a wheel set, hitch, and winch they can take off of there house and use it on yours.

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If it's a drop down house, along with removing the items mentioned above, put good quality locks on all the pin areas. The pins are heavy duty with large holes and you would want the best locks you can get. The folks who steal would then have to have one hell of a set of bolt cutters and even then it wouldn't be easy and it would be time consuming.

Also, don't leave anything of value in your house.

Best of all, just take the house with you and don't leave it on the lake for an extended period of time.

That's why you have drop down fish houses in the first place.

They are mobile and usually moved easily smile.gif

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Rick is right about pulling it off the ice.
The design behind the house is for extreme mobility and set up!!
Really no reason to leave it over-nite...

Mine has a removeable tongue as does my Dads. His is pinned at the drop point and removeable like mine, plus at the back of the tongue close to the frame its pinned again... During the day he will pull the rear pin and take off the entire tongue.

His also has a quick release wheel system where a stud pin in the wheel assembly through the axle comes out in (5) seconds and the entire wheel/winch/fender comes off.

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