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camper conversion

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looking for idea on making a old camper with drop down wheels or a crank system help please

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pictures would be nice send to [please-post-in-this-thread]@iw.net thanks I do my own welding just looking for ideas thanks

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Just converted a camper last year.

It's a 10 X 7. I have the following observations about doing this type of project.

Good Points--It's cheap (if you can weld or know someone who can). It's relatively simple. We welded a retangular box under the existing frame. On the sides running parralell to the side walls, we mounted the piviting arms and a mount for the winch. The winch system is similar to the factory built houses.

Bad Points (or at least points to consider). Due to limited wheel well heights, the new wheel system is on the outside of the house (just like the houses you can purchase). However--this house is already over 7 feet wide so the wheel assembly puts the house beyond legal road width. The extra width also makes it hard (or impossible) to cross some bridges (if you fish lakes like Mille Lacs). The position of the camper door requires us to completely unbolt the wheel assembly on the door side.

Most campers have little (or no) insulation in the floor. I would recommend insulating the floor prior to having the frame welded.

Hole placement is restricted to whereever there are no frame rails. I would wait to drill holes until the retractable wheel frame is welded under the house.

In summary--the entire cost to purchase and convert this camper was about $1000.

If you can't weld, your better to find a guy who works out of his house compared to one of the "professional" shops. They want in excess of $1000 just for the welding. I'm not saying it's not worth it, but there's a lot of good welders who don't have the overhead and will do the job for half of the number above.

So--does it work--yes. Our plans are to keep this house, but I'm planning on purchasing another (probably Ice Castle as there is a dealer by me). My biggest issue is not knowing that I will be able to get over a bridge. If you fish lakes that do not require bridges, it may not be an issue.

If you'd like some pics, let me know and I can snap a few digital pics and send them your way.


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built one last year after seeing one on lake wilson.
we basicly ressesed a pice of square tubing into the frame of the camper. the tubing used sliped over the camper axle, we cut the camper axle in half and used buper jacks to lift it up to slide in our out the axle. basicly think of the reciever hitch on your truck same principle . very cheap and easy to do.

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wambat that was my house Im just looking for differant ideas how did yours travel done the road skinnylee

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • They do some crazy things. I recall last year a grouse would follow a atv around everytime the person would drive into the birds home area.
    • Maybe, but they are only about 5 feet long fully extended. Also, mine has the side slide outs, not the front and back so there isn't much room for anything near the door. But maybe it was for something smaller over the door. I will investigate further this evening. 
    • Well, as I posted in the hummingbirds thread (and now hereby update) still hummers in Rochester and robins too.   The hummers were at the feeder this morning and three or 4 robins on the lawn.  Also had chickadees, nuthatches and a few various finches at the seed feeder.    
    • I'm pretty sure they are for the outside awning.  Go to site below.  Click on 1979 brochures.  Then click on page 07.  It shows a camper with two poles holding up an awning. That may be why the flat bottom piece.      http://www.popupcamperhistory.com/bethanyimages.html  
    • Hello from the NW Angle!

      Lake of the Woods water temps are steadily falling into the mid to low 50’s. This past week cold fronts and strong winds have fish schooling up and feeding heavily.

      In Minnesota, look to rocky bays and adjacent reefs in 15-22ft. of water.  A jig and minnow is all that is needed to catch a limit in a short period of time. Bottle necks between islands in the NW Angle are also worth fishing in the evenings.
      In Canada, the fishing has been excellent.  Crappie, walleye and perch are all schooling up and taking a jig and minnow.  With the water temperatures dropping, expect to see the muskie bite increase while trolling. 

      We will be closing October 22nd for ice in! Contact us for availability for your fall fishing trip!

      We hope to see you soon,
      Sunset Lodge
    • I was bow hunting this weekend and had 3 flush out from under my stand.  One of them came back later on and tried to get me out of the tree.  It dove at me several times.  I had to take my hat off and smack it before it finally decided to give up.  Never had a bird do that and wouldn't have guessed a grouse would have been the culprit. 
    • No, there were other poles for that.
    • Sounds like I’m right on track. I’ll just get everything I need now. Think I’ll wait till next spring for engine oil but I’ll do front and rear diffs now as well as the tranny. I’ll grease everything to that hasen’t been done for a while. For the front diff change did you need to pull the front tire off like the maual says to? Not going to lie that manual is pretty fauge.