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Good time for tip-ups on Mille Lacs?

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Would like to hit Mille Lacs early in the year for pike. I know the South end well and would like to hit some of the bays with tip-ups. I know it’s hard to know right now when the ice will be thick enough to get out there but is the fist few weeks in Dec. a good time? How deep of water do you need? Do you hit the bay areas just like you would any other lakes at that time of year?
With 3 or 4 guys would you be able to fish for perch and have a few tip-ups out for pike?
How deep do you need to be for the perch that time of year?

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Macs Twin Bay is a good area to hit at early ice. You can get some nice perch and pike there. You don't have to go deep, you can find perch in 7-10 feet at early ice. Punch a lot of holes and keep moving, those schools of fish will move but once you get on them you will catch several fish before they move again. The big pike are chasing those perch as well.

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Cove bay is good as well. The pike are up fairly shallow feeding on all the YOY perch stacked up in the bays. The walleyes will make shallow runs in that bay as well.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • A good bottle of bourbon or case of beer might make a difference.....
    • Great feedback.  I guess I will go with the single stage.  Just wish I had a solution for keeping the plow driver from pushing our entire culdesac's snow onto my lawn.
    • I have a Gen1 Helix 5 and love it on the ice, but also use it on my kayak. If I were to do it over again I would have got the 7" or bigger. Its not so much an issue on the ice but DI/SI is hard  to fully utilize on a 5" screen.
    • I always use 6lb mono for jigging rods and And 8lb mono on deadsticks. No leaders for me I’ve debated it but it doesn’t really seem to make a difference if you have one or not. 
    • My thinking is the grease would make up for the gap, but wasn't sure if it'll still have too much play. Yet, don't want it too tight where it gets stuck.
    • I think the tube is DOM 1/2" thick. Was afraid 1/4" too thin and cannot find any other tube that would fit another solid rod inside. Don't want to get something I have to get machined $$$... At least with arm I can pull out and have another made if not good. Not sure how to make the grooves with hand tools?
    • I live in the burbs  on a cul-de-sac and the plow always leaves a huge pile at the end of my driveway. I bought a single stage Toro, and while I don't have a 2-stage to compare it against, I would definitely buy a single stage again. It's plenty powerful enough to handle the deepest, heaviest snow that accumulates on the driveway. When it comes to the pile at the end of the driveway, you just have to work your way though it by backing out and pushing into it again. Of course, if you're out of town or something and the pile at the end of the driveway freezes you might need to get out a shovel. But for most snowfalls I can clean the driveway in a matter of minutes - you almost have to run behind the thing to keep up with it.
    • Not a fan of leaders, far fewer bites with them on.   I typically run 4 or 6 lb test.  I do run 8 lb in water less than 8-10 ft.  I do this because thr fight is usually off to the sides of the hole, and the line contacts the ice edge at sharper angles.    
    • Just ordered the 16 piece jig kit yesterday. I am excited to get them and get out on the ice as soon as it is safe!
    • Hey,   What lb test line should I be using for Walleyes?  I've been using 4 lb but that seems a little light and I don't want to lose the big one, but don't want to get too heavy either.  Also, what's your input on using a leader?  I haven't but just wondering if I am missing something.