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Jordyn Kaufer

duck decoy set up?

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whats a good way to set up your decoys in the water?

Like patterns or something?

also has anyone heard of a roboduck or a wind duck?

Is it worth getting one??

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for divers (ringnecks) put them in a "J" formation or "V" formation, mallards and other puddlers you can just put them out in a big pod. roboducks and windducks work great. i highly sugest you buy 1 or 2 of them. they are awesome!

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Decoy spreads can vary depending on your particular location, wind, diver vs puddler, adding geese, etc. I find J's work well for divers though not a necessity. For puddlers and a crosswind relative to the blind I like a C formation with the majority at the arc of the C. For puddlers with the wind at my back (my preferred setup) I put out two pods one on each side of the blind, usually ducks on one side with geese on the other with maybe a handful of ducks, about 10 to 15 yds in between the pods as a landing zone, robo in the LZ closer to the ducks with the intent of getting the ducks to land just beyond or next to the robo on the LZ. Don't forget to create an LZ, otherwise the ducks will land outside of your spread and range and not where you want them (right in front of you). Also I generally put my farthest decoy out about 30 yds from the blind. Helps me judge distances of incoming ducks and there isn't any point in trying to get ducks to decoy out farther than that anyways (as far as I'm concerned).

And yes robos can be very effective. Cons are you can't use the motorized in the early season and on WMA's and water enclosed by WMA's, and they can become ineffective as ducks get used to seeing them. Also geese may not like them. Wind versions can be used anywhere anytime but you obviously need wind to make them work so they aren't reliable on low wind days. Pros are they work. I have had several instances this year of flocks of ducks coming in to land on top of my robo before I even notice them. No working just strait in for a landing.

I would also suggest going to the Ducks Unlimited HSOforum (ducks.org). They have a bunch of stuff there on decoy placement including videos and diagrams that would probably be very helpful to you.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

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    • Hello from the NW Angle!

      Surface water temperatures range from 65 in the morning reaching low 70s during the late afternoon. 

      Minnesota has been best in shallower areas such as the Flag Island Flats (5-9 ft.) Prime time being the evening bite with many nice fish including a 31" beast. Deeper water around Four Blocks and LIttle Oak are providing good action for Walleye/Sauger. Orange has been the top color. Even with the recent Mayfly hatch and plenty of crayfish in fishes bellies, (Walleye, Sauger and Northerns) the fishing is awesome!

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      We hope to see you soon! 
      Sunset Lodge
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