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8' x 8' "Take Apart" Fish House

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I'm going to build an 8' x 8' ice house this fall and I was wondering if anybody has some plans they might want to pass along. The "shack" has to be "take apart" so it can be stored in the Summer. It can be assembled in the driveway and then hauled on a sled trailer. It will only be about 1 mile from the house. I plan on setting it in a spot so the kids and I can go and fish some pike. They don't care what they catch. They just like to go out.

It would be nice it had some sort of skis or something so it can be moved it need be easily. It will only be me so light in design is the key here.

Any ideas that you would like to pass along?


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I've seen take apart ones held together with the brackets used for bunk beds.

Problem is that the houses don't seal up as well and are drafty.

Not that any fish house is hard to break into, but I think those might be even easier.

Let me know if you figure out a way to connect one, it's the only kind I'd build since I can't store one in my back yard 9 months out of the year.

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Thanks for the info.

I picked up the material for the walls today. Was able to get 18 4.5'x4.5' pieces of aluminum from a printer. Very lite stuff. I liked the pictures. This will help as we set up the connection system.

A friend is going to weld the steel for a small wood burning stove. It wil be nice. Small and it will take up very little space. The only purpose will be to keep the kids warm and cook ham sandwiches on.

I will try to post a picture when finished.

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I built one a few years ago and used hinges in the corners and draw hasps in the middle with heavy foam weather strip all around. Used small turnbuckles to hold on the roof.
Stove bolts with wingnuts to attach to the floor. Hinges with removable pins to hold the floor and roof panels together. No panel was bigger than 4 x 8.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • just saw it yesterday in Alex..darn good stuff too!!!
    • that is so great!!!!!  You folks are raising a good son!!!!  
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