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Uncle Grump

Heating and cooking on the ice....

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When I started ice fishing again 6 years ago, the mere concept of a shelter and heat was a blessing all by itself - my Coleman
heater from camping was pressed back in to service.

After a few years, and some afternoons that stretched well into the evening, hot food started to sound really good. One night, a kind hearted fisherman on Cedar Lk treated me to brats cooked out on the ice. With buns and ketchup - they slid down real
easy on that cold, windy February night, espec. since my planned supper was a couple of candy bars. I know that the hot food that night allowed me to stay on the ice longer, and as a result, I iced some nice crappies.

Two years ago, I bought a Mr Heater/Cooker, and it does the job, but you can’t cook on it when used as a heater connected to a refillable cylinder, and it’s a little bulky in its cooker configuration, since you need to tote the stand and a hose (to run off your refillable cylinder), or else
use disposable cylinders - and it chews those up in a hurry.... But it does do the job of cooking - weenies, chili, etc - just about anything you can put in a pan.

A couple weeks ago, I watched Catch'n (Dave
Hoggard) demo a unit called the Sportsman’s Multi-Heater at a LETS event. Its a heater/cooker, in the footprint of a 5 gallon pail, and not much heavier either.

You can see these units on his "special and rigging page" (click on the yellow button in the center of his "index" page at catchn.com).

They use fuel called diethylene-glycol, not sterno. Dave has the fuel available as well. The level of heat is adjustable - because the fuel cans have a wick. Spread the wick out, so its wider, and you get more heat. To shut them off - just put the cap on the can. The fuel cans themselves don't get hot.

The really neat thing about these is that you can cook your food and warm yourself at the same time, while you are seated - great for open air fishing. It has a cushion seat top, and a "rubber hose" chimney. Sit on the seat, slip the chimney up under your coat, and feel the heat. The fumes are non toxic - as compared to propane or other fuels.

It’s not a speed demon when it comes to cooking - but you can cook food for one or two, and when you're out on the ice,
do you care about fast?

You could easily start food cooking when you
first get on the ice, and have hot food when you're ready to eat later. You can boil water easily with these - so soup, chili, brats and beans, hot dish - all kind of epicurean delights are possible. Dave told me that it will cook TV dinners, and I think you could do burgers with potatoes and onions wrapped in aluminum foil.

I've not had a chance to use mine yet, but when I watched Dave put one through its paces – I was sold. I intend to try some things next week when I take it along on a long weekend fishing. Going to have it cook my lunch while I'm on the road, and also put it in the boat and have hot lunch out on the water.

I'm thinking that I can probably get by with only having this heater along on the
ice (when fishing alone), espec. if there is a long walk or when the ice won't support a heavy outfit (truck, snowmobile), like at first or late ice.

Sit in the open, or in the shelter, and keep warm, with out heating all the air in the shelter, and lugging the weight of a refillable cylinder.

This unit would easily work in a duck blind/boat, or deer hunting, for example - in some the elevated blind type stands. I don’t know if you could get past a whitetails nose if it was in really close by, but if its a cold and nasty deer opener, I just might find out.

Come on Ice!


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • The one thing I can think of that your son could have done differently is that maybe he should have got a name from the land owner and sought out the other hunter for a discussion before hand. The hunting woods are a much safer place when everyone hunting the area knows the whereabouts and plans of each other hunter in the woods.   That's not to say that the other 50 year old guy isn't being an unreasonable, entitled, first class a hole but part of this may be due to a misunderstanding if there was not a discussion prior to hunting season. 
    • I agree with you 100%. If it were me who had the permission to hunt I would approach things differently but when my son is involved I would back down and use it as a learning lesson. I would however tell the lady that your son is not going to be hunting her land and the exact reason why. If it were my land, I would want to know.
    • Horns make some otherwise normal people crazy. I'm not a horn hunter myself and that is one reason why.  
    • Dang what a shame not cool at all. I agree with leech. That’s more than enough acreage for more than one hunter to hunt. If he had the guts to go talk to the neighbor lady and she was fine with it then all is good. If this “kid” ( old guy) has an issue with it then he needs to grow up It’s not his land. Not many kids even hunt anymore so the fact that he wants to is great. Let him hunt some and if it continues to be an issue then maybe just tell him to pull the plug? I’m also dealing with some crazy neighbors right now that continue to feed. The CO has been out many times and they still do the same thing tickets have been given and there’s been some talking. I hate to “ tadle” on others but when people think they have rights that others shouldn’t have then that’s where a CO may come into play. Not saying you need to do this but if he comes barging to the door and demanding your son leave then maybe something needs to change and maybe he shouldn’t be allowed there. 
    • Leech- I thought about that same thing.  I do not know the guy or the family, so unsure of what the dynamic is there.    Thanks for the responses.  We are going to head over there this evening and talk with the lady. My plan is take it down either way.  If she says he can still hunt, and boot the other guy, or even let them both hunt i dont think if the experience is going to be anything we are looking forward to dealing with.  We have 10 acres at our house he's hunting too, and going to do some more knocking on doors.  I get being protective over his "spot". It just bothers me that he would be so unwilling to allow a 15 yr old to experience what he clearly loves to do.  Life will go on.  We will be in Montana in Oct, chasing elk and mule deer. He wont be missing out!  Those bucks are roaming the river bottom we live on, maybe the ultimate revenge will be having a chance to shoot one of them on our own land we are grooming for wildlife together.
    • Dang, I just moved Duff higher on the LIKE count!  😕
    • Beisswengers Hardware in New Brighton.  Top sales of Honda Gens and excellent service. Beisswengers
    • I would get a dlb ladder stand and sit with my kid as much as I could.  Don't let the dude bully you if you have the right to be there as well.  She may not know the age of this person if he had his kid go down there and get permission and he is really doing the hunting?  
    • He has permission from the landowner, let him hunt. If the 50 year old does anything to affect his hunt that is "hunter harassment" and he should be charged. 
    • Obviously the guy has "passion" for "his" hunting spot.  I would try to meet him face to face with your son and see if you couldn't reasonably discuss it and come to an agreement.  Possibly do it at the landowners home if you want to put him in his place.  This of course first goes with how you feel this gentleman would be towards a talk.  After all it is not his land and he can't just bully his way around.  Now if you feel he is psychotic then don't bother.  I have a chunk of land that I can't hunt (even though I have permission and all the rights to hunt it) because the neighbor is crazy enough that he will possibly hunt me and I don't need that feeling of being hunted.  Hope you can work things out!  People get funny when it comes to hunting land especially when they know there is a bigger deer in the area.