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Bobber Bob

new icefishing tools

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Just wanting to get back into ice fishing and to have the right stuff rod,reel,house trailer,lake,heater,bootsall the tools a man needs i will also be wanting to go to all the contests,I need a little help

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What exactly are you looking for? Anything specific? I'll start a topic on the Ice Fishing Main Forum for a few of the tiems and than we can narrow it down.

Good Fishin,
Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson Outdoors
[email protected]
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Bobber Bob-

The way I see it, there are 4 different types of houses.

1- Suitcase style portables
2- Flip-over portables
3- Permanent on skids
4- Drop down wheel trailer houses

Type of house is going to depend alot on how you fish, how many lakes you like to fish, if you like to move around, etc.

The flip-over portables (Fish Trap, Otter, Polar Sport) type houses are very easy to set up and move around in. All your gear can be stored in the sled, pull it to where you want to fish, flip the top over and you are in business. Portability would be the key word with a flip-over house. They are great to pull behind snowmobiles or ATVs.

The suitcase style portables (Clam)are also great houses but in my opinion, just not as portable. They are very comfortable and heat up nice. If you plan on moving a couple times during the day, a house like this wouldn't be a bad option. If you like to fish various lakes and not move around much when you get to the lake, a house like this would be a good choice.

Permanent type house on skids you might not be moving very often. On the other hand, you can build in pretty much any creature comfort you can think of. If you like to fish while watching TV and cooking a pizza, this would be the way to go. More than likely, this house will sit on 1 lake all winter with an occasional move to a different spot.

Drop-down wheel trailer fish house combines portability with the comfort of a permanent house. Expect to pay a good chunk of change for a nice one. You could hit a different lake every weekend with this house and still be able to spend the night in it if you want.

My opinion, if you are just starting out- I'd go with something economical (a suitcase type or flip-over) and spend some other money on a good power auger, fish locator, heater, and some rods. Find something that will fit into your vehicle and you should be all ready to go.

Keep the questions coming, I've got nothing else to do during my lunch hour and I love to chat about icefishing.

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