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what would you want out of guide day on the ice

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I am a ice fishing jukie i live to take me frist step on hard water the week of t day for 4 years strait and i mean a st paul lake. I have a seasoneal job so winters are open and i spend all my monye to get all the new cool toys and gas to stay warm but this year i am looking in to make money off of this or least it would be great to just break almost even. I would like know what are some thinds that should be looked at so i know what to be ready for. As of now i have 5 shacks and one fish trap for me 4 of them are 2 shacks some say 3 but i dont want to fish in there with 3 so i would put a paying customer in there on shack could hold a famliy So i got shelter i got rods but all the poles for the cus are good ones not chap well ok they are genz sticks they are good rods but not st criox or a tb sweet heart i have one eaxter fl8 for the clint plus i plan on severing a bq lunch as throw in. Would be pepole out there that are looking for this i am looing at doing lakes in the east metro bald egale white bare cishago area and wester wis what would you want out your payed tpir i was thinking that senice no one knows me that if started of with 50-75% refund if the group gets scunked just so they know that i am trying get them on fish not just make money All ideas and tips would help or any one that maybe want tow team up i would be open.



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I've done it for couple yrs. Keeping on fish is a +, but most want Comfortable, courteous, and clean. Most people who fish know that it's impossible to stay on fish all the time, thatis why the three C's are so important.

Don't take this the wrong way or to personel, (sp)? but your spelling stinks. It just helps improve your image if you want to do it for a busines.(sp)?


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wallydiver, ya I don't think 3:30 in the morning really is a good time to be typing. LOL grin.gif I had a pretty good chuckle to once you said that.

And keep those hooks sharp!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Dang, I just moved Duff higher on the LIKE count!  😕
    • Beisswengers Hardware in New Brighton.  Top sales of Honda Gens and excellent service. Beisswengers
    • I would get a dlb ladder stand and sit with my kid as much as I could.  Don't let the dude bully you if you have the right to be there as well.  She may not know the age of this person if he had his kid go down there and get permission and he is really doing the hunting?  
    • He has permission from the landowner, let him hunt. If the 50 year old does anything to affect his hunt that is "hunter harassment" and he should be charged. 
    • Obviously the guy has "passion" for "his" hunting spot.  I would try to meet him face to face with your son and see if you couldn't reasonably discuss it and come to an agreement.  Possibly do it at the landowners home if you want to put him in his place.  This of course first goes with how you feel this gentleman would be towards a talk.  After all it is not his land and he can't just bully his way around.  Now if you feel he is psychotic then don't bother.  I have a chunk of land that I can't hunt (even though I have permission and all the rights to hunt it) because the neighbor is crazy enough that he will possibly hunt me and I don't need that feeling of being hunted.  Hope you can work things out!  People get funny when it comes to hunting land especially when they know there is a bigger deer in the area. 
    • Can anyone suggest a good place in the North Metro to get a Honda EU2000 tuned up? Been running problem free for 6 years so I figure it's time.   Thanks in advance for the help.
    • Tough deal on this one.    You've got to decide how much fight you want to put into this.  There are also a lot of life lessons here to teach your son just depends on which one you want to focus on.    In most circumstances I would start out by going to the landowner and explaining the issues and see if you can get it resolved.  However, with it being an 85 year old woman you'll have to decide if you want to drag her into it. I'd probably at least inform her of the issue so that she's aware of what is happening on her property and what type of person is out there.  She should at least know that much as the landowner  If she wants to make it right then so be it but I wouldn't push her on it.  Just leave it as a heads up and let her know your son will move on as to not cause trouble if she doesn't seem like she's got it in her to straighten things out. 
    • Honestly, I would probably do what you did and tell my kid he did everything right, but to move on. This is assuming you didn't get the impression the guy was going to change his mind when you spoke to him.   Unless you know her, the last thing the landowner probably wants to do is get involved in the dispute. And I'm sure you don't want your kid out there alone, not knowing if the older guy will confront him or how unreasonable he could be if he does.              
    • Kind of why I want to work with him rather than just [PoorWordUsage] him off. 
    • Sounds like a good neighbor to get to know if he's going to be around all the time.