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ice shelter removal date bill

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if anyone hasn't seen it yet, you can get the details in the upper red lake forum, http://fishingminnesota.com/ubb/Forum23/HTML/003593.html there is a bill that we would like to see become law, pertaining to the ice fishing shelter's having to be off the ice between midnite and 6 blush.gifo a.m.
there is a link to your state representatives, and the bill numbers are posted in that thread also.
i know i should have posted this in politcaly correct forum, but i wanted to reach alot of people with this.
people need to email their reps and voice their opinion.
thanks all, jigglestick I.B.O.T. #5

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this is how the bill reads.
note paragraph "d" at the end. that is the good stuff.

you cannot see any difference in the key above, you need to change the display of stricken and/or underscored language.

Authors and Status List versions
S.F No. 2125, as introduced: 83rd Legislative Session (2003-2004) Posted on Feb 17, 2004

1.1 A bill for an act
1.2 relating to natural resources; modifying the time that
1.3 ice houses may be on the ice in certain areas;
1.4 amending Minnesota Statutes 2002, section 97C.355,
1.5 subdivision 7.
1.7 Section 1. Minnesota Statutes 2002, section 97C.355,
1.8 subdivision 7, is amended to read:
1.10 (a) Except as provided in paragraph (d), a fish house or dark
1.11 house may not be on the ice between 12:00 a.m. and one hour
1.12 before sunrise after the following dates:
1.13 (1) the last day of February, for state waters south of a
1.14 line starting at the Minnesota-North Dakota border and formed by
1.15 rights-of-way of U.S. Route No. 10, then east along U.S. Route
1.16 No. 10 to Trunk Highway No. 34, then east along Trunk Highway
1.17 No. 34 to Trunk Highway No. 200, then east along Trunk Highway
1.18 No. 200 to U.S. Route No. 2, then east along U.S. Route No. 2 to
1.19 the Minnesota-Wisconsin border; and
1.20 (2) March 15, for other state waters.
1.21 A fish house or dark house on the ice in violation of this
1.22 subdivision is subject to the enforcement provisions of
1.23 paragraph (B). The commissioner may, by rule, change the dates
1.24 in this paragraph for any part of state waters. Copies of the
1.25 rule must be conspicuously posted on the shores of the waters as
2.1 prescribed by the commissioner.
2.2 (B) A conservation officer must confiscate a fish house or
2.3 dark house in violation of paragraph (a). The officer may
2.4 remove, burn, or destroy the house. The officer shall seize the
2.5 contents of the house and hold them for 60 days. If the seized
2.6 articles have not been claimed by the owner, they may be
2.7 retained for the use of the division or sold at the highest
2.8 price obtainable in a manner prescribed by the commissioner.
2.9 © When the last day of February, under paragraph (a),
2.10 clause (1), or March 15, under paragraph (a), clause (2), falls
2.11 on a Saturday, a fish house or dark house may be on the ice
2.12 between 12:00 a.m. and one hour before sunrise until 12:00 a.m.
2.13 the following Monday.
2.14 (d) A person may have a fish house or dark house on the ice
2.15 between 12:00 a.m. and one hour before sunrise on waters within
2.16 the area prescribed in paragraph (a), clause (2), but the house
2.17 may not be unattended during those hours.

a proud member in good standing of the International Brotherhood of Triangulists!! jigglestick I.B.O.T.#5 have you clamped today???

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