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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • enjoyed the story but this view is incredible  your lucky you get to hunt there
    • Not unlike most years.....
    • wow.....thats cool......................hmmm idea for da next bear, whenever i get drawn and get one !!!!!!!!!
    • Well no reason to come back out of the woods or off the lake ice fishing this year at noon on Sundays!  😕
    • I don't get the concept that we won't get anything in return for him.  If you are using that theory look at Kawai Leonard...San Antonio seemed to get something for a guy that everyone knew was not gonna work with San Antonio and everyone said they would only get something from the Lakers but Toronto stepped up made a play and the word is that they may be the front runner on resigning him!  Look at Paul George...he was in the same boat that he was not gonna resign with anyone and the Thunder took a chance and now they have him on the books for years to come cuz he changed his mind.  Players in the NBA seem to change every month as to what they want to do.  Get rid of Butler, get some good assets, and move on.
    • I have about 100 left.  Hoping to use them up before the ice season.  The commercial flats do not have a cover and we slip them into a Menard shopping bag.  I have a 1/3 flat (or so) with a cover that is keeping them inside.  
    • Donbo, I totally get that they will not change things for me as a single individual, and I get how they need to keep things tight laced for public safety and everything.  I just keep getting these bad thoughts about the whole organization.  Last year I did not draw a primary hunt anywhere (tried for 8 with 2 preference points) and my buddy's neighbor hunted in 6 different hunts because he is a coordinator and high up the ranks of the organization.  I would have coordinated a hunt to get the chance and told them that.  I just keep getting back to that good old boys club thing.  Its a great opportunity, it is close to home, but I feel it is managed to the likes of those who have done it forever and are in the group.   I will keep doing it, but that is my thoughts on it. 
    • I haven't hunted with MBRB yet but have a couple buddies that have.  They've all had good and bad things to say about it.  They thought it was very organized and its awesome that you can get access to some good hunting very close to home.  However, they've all been frustrated by the rigidity of the hunts and some of the rules put into place that handcuff you a bit.  For them it became difficult to participate due to the mandatory minimum hunting days and the meeting schedule.  Its understandable that the hunts require you to jump through some hoops as the organizers are trying to appease a lot of important groups (city/county officials, local police, possibly the general public, etc) and they need to make sure that everything is done right in order to protect the future of the MBRB and their access to the different hunt areas. However, those hoops do make it difficult for many people.      My buddies all said they'd do it again but not until right now.  With young kids at home and busy work schedules they are never sure if they can adhere to the time requirements.  We've all talked about giving it a try down the road once the kids are all a bit older and we are able to get away a bit easier.