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Hitting Stats

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I was doing a little figuring on where twins stand as far as offensive numbers against the other winning teams in the AL and discovered that frankly the numbers are very offensive.

We are tied with bosox for the best hitting average of .281. We are waaaay at the bottom of hr's with only 108. Other than the 4th place jays, all the others are 149 or higher. Obviously this relates to slugging % where twins are second from bottom at .410. Only 4th place jays have lower slugging %. (Think we'd be in second place today if we could swap out 40 of our season singles/doubles for an hr in those instances? I know it's quite a simplified example here but...)

Twins winning percentage against these AL teams with winning records is less than 38%. Call me negative nellie all you want, but does this not scream that we need to pick up a right handed third basemen that isn't a piranha in the off season? Buscher seems like a nice guy but he has little power and isn't all that great defensively. Seems that we've got to pick up a right handed bat with a little power threat and 3b is the obvious place to put him as that is traditionally a player with a hr threat and it's been a long time since we've had that type of player in that spot.

Delmon still might be a rh batter that can provide some pop but please don't anybody throw out the name Michael Cuddyer as being a rh power hitter if he can stay healthy. I don't mind him at all as a player but he's not much of a power threat healthy or not.

This season has been an exciting one and it's not done yet. Again call me negative nellie all you want but even if they somehow manage to get in the playoffs this year, they just don't match up well at all with the better teams in the AL and see that as a problem next year too. I also fear that the indians and/or tiger next year could turn out to have the kind of teams that were expected of them this year so I sure hope that there are a couple upgrades in the offseason.

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We are 4th in runs but we need 3 hits an inning to score a run. Hard to do that all year. It would be nice to have a RH 30 HR guy behind Morneau. Delmon could be there in time but look for the Twins to sign a 3B slugger this offseason or trade for one.

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...and I guess I should clarify that I'm talking from the standpoint of not only contending for a division title but also seriously want to contend for a world series championship in the next couple years. "Doing it the Twins Way" has put us in the playoffs or at least in contention for several years now but I don't recall in any of those seasons where we beat the top teams more than we lost to them and we all know how well the playoffs have gone in those seasons.

Fortunately, we are in a division where the expected teams have not done so well this year but unfortunately, we aren't in the NL and still at some point are going to need to put together a lineup to get past teams like the angels, yankees, red sox, etc. just to get into the world series. It's very deflating to have an inning where we send seven or eight batters to the plate and come away with two runs and then have the other team scrape out a walk followed by a two run homer. I'm not saying we need to hit 200+ homers but like I mentioned before just think what 150 homers instead of 108 would have done for us so far this year.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • We are still going to put a piece along the bottom but I’m not a fan of diamond plate so we are going to try some annondized aluminum.    We were going to get some decals for the side but I was starting to like the plain look so we just went with some small things for now.  I think that about wraps up the outside and I think I have to quit for the night people weren’t kidding when they say writing these up takes awhile. I’ll post the inside stuff tomorrow. 
    • Next up was prepping the studs for the VHB tape. I scratched up each stud with a fine wire wheel attached to a drill then wiped clean with isopropyl. We went with 1/2” VHB tape since we got it for next to nothing. Around the windows and some other areas we did two strips of tape to cover the whole stud but most of the studs that were just getting sheeting we did one strip. I would recommend the 1” though it would be a lot faster.  people are not kidding when they say there are no second chance. The corner piece that is sitting inside had to be kicked off and we never even pressed on it. Good thing we had one extra sheet but no more mistakes could happen after that. The place we were working at had a bender we could use to get our corner bends which worked out great.  The windows are from menards. I custom ordered them which turned out to be cheaper than buying the stock jeldwen ones which didn’t come in the sizes we wanted. The first shipment of windows came in and when I went to pick them up two of the 4 had cracked glass and the guy working goes “so you don’t want these?” I was like no I don’t want a broken window. So we had to go and re order new ones. Two weeks go by and I realized I never got an email confirming my order so I went back in to check on the status of my order and the guy said they never got reordered. At this point I almost lost hope in all of humanity but tried to stay calm. Finally got all the windows installed and the siding put on.  We wanted to try and do rounded wheel well so the picture above is prior to trimming the edges.  We tried using the 1/4” HDPE plastic sheets which looked pretty good. The next day when the sun hit that wheel well it expanded out about 3”. I wanted to screw it down and see if that helped control where it expanded but my brother wanted to scrap that idea. We ended up just using some steel sheeting and welded it up. All the corners and seems where water could get in was welded and then the whole wheel well was welded to the wall studs and a little bit of the frame.    Since the wheel well sees a lot of snow and salt we wanted it to be durable. The Berliner stuff you can buy usually doesn’t hold up so we brought it to a guy and had it sprayed. He said it should last forever and if we ever have any issues just bring it in and they will fix if.  I think they turned out pretty good and I think the rounded look is just something different than the traditional square wheel well.    Our door came from FishnStyle in shakopee, they sell firebrand so this is the same door they use. It’s made by a company called challenger doors.   We cut a piece of aluminum sheeting so it would fit perfectly over the white color it came with. We used the thin VHB seam tape to attach the aluminum sheet to the white aluminum skin of the door. Only other thing we had to do was cut our a small hole so the door handle could go through. The whole door is held on by VHB tape and I also threw in a couple of stainless self tappers since the door came with pre-drilled holes.    For the roof we did a one piece aluminum roof held on by VHB tape. I guess I didn’t take a picture of that but we got it from a local semi trailer repair company in Blaine for a couple hundred bucks  The roof trim is 3”x1/4” aluminum flat stock and the trailer lights are mounted to that. 
    • If the price was right and your happy!👍✌️
    • Next up was cutting all the 2”x1” tubing. My brother picked up this little bandsaw off hsolist that worked pretty well. Using sketch up was great, everything could be laid out and you knew exactly what length to cut everything.    Once everything was cut we started welding it up. Built each wall on saw horses and once we got to the last wall we finally had a system down, go figure.    once we got all the walls made we leveled out the frame. Had to add a bunch of weight to the back to try and get it flat. This is where I wish we had a flat driveway. After we got everything good and level we started welding the walls to the frame and to each other.    The next day was the roof. From looking at other builds I thought people were just running one piece of tubing across and just attaching to the two sides but as we found out that does not work. We tried that and the top of each side wall had way to much of a wavy look. Closer look at other builds looks like people made the roof the same as the walls on some saw horses so everything was square and then set it in between all the outer walls. We ended up doing something similar but we turned the inside roof length piece on its side so it was more of a strong back which minimized any waviness of the tubing. 
    • We were "missing" a few pieces of chicken between the time we took them out of the smoker and put them on the grill with the BBQ sauce. They vanished, I swear!
    • Figured I would post me and my brothers build on here since this is where I got most of the information from. Thanks to lipripper for posting his builds and answering questions. I pretty much based the house off of his with a couple of my own tweaks. Im not sure how pictures are posted on this it’s looking like they will all be at the end of my post so maybe I’ll start with one post then keep adding to it so the pictures stay in some order ( I was bad at taking pictures so I probably missed some stuff) So here we go...   The frame is a Berkon 21’ with a 4’ V galvanized. We called berkon and the guy said they had one frame left and it was $700 cheaper than normal price since they were changing something for ice castle so we put money down to hold it then he called and said ice castle needed it but they were going to make us a new one (this was the start of our struggles). Which actually worked out nice since we could move some bracing around and move the hydraulic pump to a different spot. We had them move the back center brace so we could have 3 holes between our couches similar to papabear. We  thought about doing aluminum but the guy at berkon said the weight savings would only be about 700 lbs and I personally don’t like how aluminum seems to get brittle in the cold.  Prior to getting the frame I tried to order as much stuff as I could think of like others have said to do but since this was our first fish house I wasn’t 100% sure on everything. I used google sketch to layout the studs and the windows. Hoping everything would work out as planned. 
    • Spring only for me, when Orioles first return. Mine never get hit much. 
    • Not sure if somebody put a lot of time in to make this or if it was something Arctic Cat made. I could see someone pulling this around Hay Days.Thought it was just to cool to pass up.