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Whistler Jig

Matt C

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Anyone use it?

I picked a pack up the other day looks decent. Says they are for stained and muddy water. Which pretty much sums up the SM waters.

They have the jig head, then a 2 blade below the head attached to the hook.

Use it? Leave it in the tackle box? Dont bother with putting it in the box?

Just bought a Limitcreek Smoothie, so I had to buy a few new jigs to try out! laugh

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I was going to say the same thing as slipperybob because I think it gives alittle more flash in stained water or in clear doesn't matter. when I want some speed with jigs thats when I use them not much in the winter.

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We use a lot of them around here. They work great on the St. Louis River. Only thing I dont like is fishing them in current. They have a lot of drag with the prop resistance and you need to go 2 or more sizes bigger depending on the current speed.

I will use thumper jigs in the current and those work good and give off a lot of flash.

The whistlers give off a lot of vibration and flash.

I have caught everything on them.

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I find slow drifts and the drag n hop are when these excel.

As stated they fall slow due to the prop. I always go at least 1 size bigger than normal and like I said earlier 2 or 3 sizes bigger in current. For that reason I dont use them often in current. I like the smallest jig I can get away with. Thumpers are a good alternative.

buy the Northland firebal jigs and add a small O ring to the stinger eye and then 2 small willowleaf blades and let them clack and bang against eachother. Flash and noise is good. I do the same with some spoons.

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