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End Of Season

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Now with the end of the season for walleyes and northern, who else can't wait for ice out to get another crack at them? Atleast the panfish are always biting somewhere. WHere is everyone else going for the opener? Can't wait to get the big Lund out there.
Best Fishes

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Ill probably hit the missippi by red wing with the boat a couple times before the opener, but cant wait to head up to gull for the opener.

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I'll be opening from a chair in the Bradley Center in beautiful downtown Milwaukee watching my oldest receive his diploma from Marquette University. For three years I was able to get him home before the opener sometimes it would be run out there on friday pick him and his stuff up get home unload reload and head up for the opener no such luck this year oh well one down one to go the youngest starts out there this fall. so the three of us are going to open mid week probable on mill lacs or one of the Brainerd area lakes will have to see what the water temps are like first

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End of the season what are you talking about. There is still plenty of season left up at Lake of the Woods. Always fish biting up there. Just cause the season closes in the south doesn't mean anything to me any more.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • 501A .Going earlier than my normal B season this year. 
    • 504A for me. Taking a newbie out this year if he was drawn. Need this weather to turn around pretty quick.
    • I also picked up a couple extra trailer tilt pins in case someone walks off with mine again. I would have taken my enclosed trailer but my check engine light is on in my Suburban to and it comes up knock sensor. And they don't recommend driving it with bad knock sensor or could damage engine. Need a warmer day to tackle that as it involves removing the intake to get at the darn thing. Hope my luck improves
    • Seems like one could use chuck to make corned beef, but don't see much about it on the net...  Might be a fun experiment.
    • Dropped it off at dealer today and might be a week to get it back. Not sure you have relays with manual reverse but if anyone is looking for spares they are $5 at O Rielly parts and they have more expensive ones to but look just like the $5 ones. I bought 4 of them for spares. Im also going to ask mechanic when I pick it up if there is a way to get it out of reverse manually so if it ever happens out in the middle of the woods. 
    • corned beef is right up there but we are now getting into the season where the sales will start!!  love the ruebens too!!!  but it is one thing I never made from scratch, just store bought and cooked...  go for it bobber!!! 
    • Got drawn for the MN B season! Hope the weather cooperates.
    • Did you ever end up making corned beef Thunderlund? or anyone?The Mrs went up to cub yesterday so I had her pick up some c beef from the deli for Ruebens, holy moly they dont give that stuff away!!  I see most recipes call for brisket ( thinking maybe end up kind of stringy) but I do have several chuck roasts,  I'm thinking brining one and give it a whirl..If so how'd it turn out?
    • I use a lighter duty set on the front because they fit tighter and have better clearance. On the back I use  more aggressive v-bars. Sometimes one set isn’t enough and once I got stuck with both sets on. I’m pretty new to this too but for the most part they’ve worked  well for me.