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Charity fishing tourney

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Hi all

I hope this post doesn't rub anyone the wrong way, but here it goes.

Recently I've become very active with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, as far as helping with fundraisers and other activities. Before my son was born I had heard very little about this disease, and if it's possible knew even less. CF is a genetic disease that is terminal and at this point incurable. But in the last 10 years they have been able to isolate the gene that causes it and have made great strides in the treatment of patients and as well as working towards the eventual cure of this killer. Most people don't realize that one out of every 30 Americans carry the gene that causes this defect. That's 10 million symptomless carries in the U.S. alone. This is what I'm asking help with.

We are having a fishing tournament at Ft. Peck Montana on August 7th. With all the proceeds going to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Anyone who want's to participate I will get the information to you. Another part of the tourney that we are working on is a silent auction. If ANYONE would be interested in donating something for the auction I would be indebted. I hope this post finds you and your families in good health.

Maybe I could request one more thing from all of ya. After you read this... say a little prayer for my son and the 30,000 other kids in the U.S. who have got this disease that a cure is coming soon.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and God bless.
Rob Laas
Chester MT

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For those of you that do not know.

Cystic Fibrosis is a brutal genetic disease. Babies and children cannot put on weight properly, their lungs are constantly filling up and deteriorating. It's a daily struggle for these kids to survive and their families to cope. It has become better for those kids and families over the years and hopefully someday soon a cure is found.

Remember, 1 in 30 of you, who visit these forums, carries the gene and most likely do not know it.

It's a great cause Gusher, I wish you well.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • If you can zoom in it's leaning up against my spear house, the red thing.
    • Only if Leech promises to keep his shirt on!
    • i've built/made about 8 of them.  took a piece of mild steel flat bar formed the chisled head by grinding the angle. had it hardened then took 1 1/2 or 2 inch pipe. cut out a slot for the flat bar fit it, welded it up. then took a plumbing end cap, steel, welded that to the pipe, then took a big washer, ground it to fit the end cap, welded it to end cap, then tied a rope to it.
    • Go to Leech's house, put on your apron and have an "artisan" bread baking party then. 😁
    • This white stuff is not bread!  😁
    • mine is about the same and it works!!!
    • Real decision is how much space is needed. Frabill is 6'6"x 6'6", Shappell is 7'6"x 7'6", Eskimo 949i ($289 Amazon & L&M free ship) is 8' x 8'. Find a spot in your home to tape off each hub size than cut 6ea paper circles to hole size and place on floor 3 people fishing. Mark door area on tape put all the gear the 3 people will use fishing, chairs, heater, rod case, coolers, minnow bucket tackle boxes coats  etc and place inside marked floor. You will soon answer the question of which one to buy. 
    • Depending how big you make it, I think the t handle will be awkward, prone to catching on stuff like your jacket, and it's unlikely to be held in a way that makes it useful.     I would put a hole or something for a wrist strap.  And if I was trying to be fancy I would give the upper part a coat of some gritty plasti-dip or a good wrap of hockey tape.
    • I agree Dave. But I hunt and fish and if I looked at it as a cost factor to gain!  Every dang one on this forum site knows the answer to that question! 😉   I just like to try stuff. One time I tapped the Maple trees in my back yard after spending a few bucks on taps and such. I made a block of maple sugar because I didn't know what the H I was doing, but it was Fun anyway!  🙂   Another time I made dried Sage smoke smudges like the Indians make, because some hippy dude at a old time Trapper rendezvous told me they help keep the misquotes away with out using spray. When our friends at the campground came over for a fire they asked if we were smoking Pot over here? 😅 This an't half of it but it's fun to try things. Makes life more interesting.