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Am I the only person in the fishing world who doesn't own a vexilar, Aqua view, or any kind of electronics used to spot fish?

Don't get me wrong, on occasion, I use a buddys vexilar, or use the Lowarnce up at our cabin on Kabetogama in the summer, but would still drive 7 hours up there to fish without it. What happened to the "old-school" ways, like drilling a hole, dropping a depth-bomb down there and measuring in armlengths, finding how far they are suspended up from the bottom by setting lines at different heights? It seems like every article I read these words appear: "Good electronics are the most important". More important than staying warm? More important than good line?

I've never looked through an Aqua View and never will. In my opinion, these things should be banned. Cudos to you who use them just to see the bottom type and don't use them to watch the fish bite the hook to ensure good hook setting timing. I read an article in Outdoor News about this guy who would do just that, watch the fish untill it bit, then set the hook. Wow, that's impressive! No wonder he writes fishing articles.

Honestly, what is next? A machine that picks out the lake with the easiest access, finds the fish for you, catches them, measures them, then either takes a photo, or cleans them for you? No matter how unethical it may seem I bet people would buy them and consider themselvs "good fishermen".

Maybee instead of lowering limits and making slots smaller, we should ban electronics.

I don't consider myself a "good fisherman", I'm jsut a fisherman, and I'm definetly not saying if you use electronics, you're a bad fisherman, or unethical, like I said before I have used them from time to time. I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there like me.

By the way, I'm not some old fart who doesnt want to change his ways, I'm 25, and have fished since I was 3 feet high.

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No, you are not the only one who doesn't own a Vexilar (or any other brand). I too do not have anything electronic for ice fishing. In fact, I don't own an auger, or a fish house as of yet. This being said it makes it difficult for me to get out ice fishing. Why don't I own these? Simply because of the costs. When I do get an invite to go fishing, it is always with someone who is set up for it. I am working on making that change for me by next winter. I hope to buy a power auger by then, but will continue to use my depth bombs, and hopefully will have at least a portable to hide from the wind. For me it is all about "priorities", and soon it will be time for the toys in life. My kids are already as anxious as I am to get out ice fishing. What I do like it the comments about people's luck or misfortunes with; augers, depth finders, cameras, portables and so on. This info will definantly help me to decide what to buy when the time is right for me. There just isn't anything better than spending time with the family, whether it is ice fishing or softwater fishing. By the way, I am only 34. And although I do not own any "goodies" my time is coming!! grin.gif

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I do not own any of the above metioned either, I wouldnt mind having a depth finder though, but until there cheaper then the good ole map book I'll have to pass.

Ive caught tons and tons of 20"-24" largemouths and smallies, fishing rocky points, small bays and dropoffs using suckers and fatheads under a .79 bobber and a splitshot.

To each their own...
As long as their good, upstanding fisherpoeple.

-BIG ISLAND DUDE (24 and broke) wink.gif

Ice fishin SUCKS...
But I do it anyway.

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Hey guys, something my grand pappy always told me. "You can have all the tools in the chest, if ya don't know how to use them they aint worth dump." Now, cameras, flashers, graphs, and such all have their place in fishing. Sure there's the guy with the endless credit card who goes out and buys everything thinking he's a shoe in for catching fish but, he's not. I started with nothing but a rod and reel. Over the years my experience along with knowledge of the tools has helped me become a better angler. Not saying it's for everyone....IMO


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Yer right, you don't need the fancy stuff, if you can trade in a bit of your time for finding productive spots. I've functioned with a lake depth map, landmarks, compass and depth bomb. I've also counted armlengths, and still do. I like my hand auger and homebuilt portable.

This year, I bought a used, broken Zercom LCF 40 flasher and fixed it up. I can't imagine needing anything else, and honestly, I really use it only to initially mark fish at a spot I picked, usually off a lake depth map. Then I spend my time working out lures, presentation, keeping bait fresh and lively, tuning bobbers.

I spose what the flasher does for me is verify I found the right spot, or tell me I missed, and should pick a different one - so I guess it gets me started at a productive place quicker, where before I did my best to orienteer myself to a spot, then try to fish it. When I positioned myself well, the sense of accomplishment was great.

My production of fish has not changed with a flasher - thank God they call it "Fishing" and not "catching"! I say, concentrate on what catches fish, not what finds them! I can stay home and watch OLN for all that.

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    • Wisconsin's traditional nine-day gun deer hunting season opens this Saturday and with snow in many northern areas and more in the forecast for Friday into Saturday but with otherwise relatively mild hunting conditions it should make for a good opener.Hunters can find all the information they need by searching the DNR HSOforum for keyword "deer." Or new for this year, hunters with mobile devices can download the Hunt Wild Wisconsin mobile app, which provides mapping, shooting hours and easy access to regulations. Hunters can download the app from the DNR HSOforum at keywords "hunt app."Little Manitou Falls at Pattison State Park has begun to ice over. Skim and shelf ice is forming on lakes and some smaller lakes have frozen over.Photo credit: DNRThis is the earliest possible opening of the season and while it is winding down in some areas, rutting activity is still noticeable with bucks visiting their scrapes and rubs and still being seen chasing does. A reminder that hunters must register their deer by 5 p.m. the day after recovery and registration is now easier than ever online, by phone or in person at registration stations. Search the DNR HSOforum for "GameReg," for details. Hunters can get a deer tested for CWD at no cost and can find sampling locations by searching for keywords "CWD Sampling." .
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    • Looks great but cold and slippery, I'm a carpet guy.
    • absolutely 100% yes. Like with the augers though, use a good drill. My Ryobi barely does both sides once on a battery, my Fuel is 1000 times better. It's not recommended to go down with a drill, only up. You'll see all this on Nutz w e b s i t e. 
    • I missed it too, the caps always just own us. 
    • Who all uses this system? Do you raise and lower your house with a drill.   I was looking at picking up the 2 speed winchs for both axles and the hitch winch.   Are they worth the money??