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Trip to Ohio

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The store I work for sent me to Ohio to look at some Amish furniture. I camped along theway and took about 350 photos. My biggest challenge was that I got up pretty early and drove until later in the day so I didn't have good light most of the time.

Makinaw Bridge- kind of intimidating for a small town guy.


Moican State Park, Ohio. Walked two miles to see the waterfall. Didn't occur to me that this isn't the best time of the year for a lot of waterfalls.


Amish field work. You are not supposd to photograph them, it is against their faith to have a graven image made of themselves. You can still see evidence of their lifestye.


I was only twenty five miles from Canton, so I went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Maumee State Park, shore of Lake Erie in Ohio. I like the contrasting textures in this one.


South shore of Lake Superior in Michigan.


Porcupine State Park in Michigan.


WW II Museum in Superior, Wisconsin.


Kind of a hurried trip, but still a nice break this summer.

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Great pic's I really like the Maumee State Park, shore of Lake Erie in Ohio.

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    • Whatever trades they might make won’t be to make a run. It’s going to be to rebuild. I guess there’s still some interest in Dozier from a couple teams, but otherwise, we don’t have much trade value in anyone. I’m just still hoping we finish .500.
    • The popular speculation is that the lakers are taking this season “off”, and waiting until next year to sign a big name or 2, one of which could be Butler. Personally, I don’t think there’s any chance Butler re signs with the wolves (he already turned down the first offer), as long as Wiggins remains on the team! And at this point, Wiggins is untradable. 
    • do agree, like your thoughts...
    • Yeah, none of the recipes say to pre-cook the potatoes but I think I might do it next time or else just open the packets and throw the shrimp in at the end. I was surprised though that the shrimp was good and didn't seem too over cooked. I think the key is to make sure to use raw shrimp not pre-cooked.
    • A lot of talk about a lot of nothing...until it is actually something! 🤔😏  As long as Thibs is here I believe that Jimmy has  chance to stay.  If Jimmy were to leave I would be surprised if he stayed in the west but if he did matching him up with LAbron would be a tough duo to build around.
    • A lot of good looking recipes on Old Bay's s i t e : Old Bay Recipes
    • I too am going to try that, done it with burger before.  I think with shrimp I'd maybe pre-cook the taters some, half way??  then cut foil cause shrimp cook super fast!!  thanks for the idea!!   and old bay is a must on that!!!
    • Thanks big d, I wanna give it a shot as well!!
    • The recipe I sort of followed said to cook it for 15-17 minutes at 350 but it took about 25-30 minutes to get the potatoes done even though I sliced them thin.   It's worth a try. We do a shrimp boil sometimes when we go camping with a group. I do it in the turkey pot and follow the recipe from Old Bay seasoning w-e-b-s-i-t-e except I like to add some chicken as well. It is very good and everyone loves it. 
    • How long and what temp did you cook this? Looks really good I want to give it a try now.