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Well here's something a litte different.

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Was down walking along the creek catching chubs, and noticed a bunch of Frogs.

I wanted to catch a few but knew I would be too slow, but I tried anyways.

Yep.....too slow grin

So I'm like hey, I'll just try to snag them with my little Ratso jig.

I lower it down and WHAM, the frog EATS IT!

I cleaned up on them this way smile

I just wonder if anyone was watching me? I bet it looked pretty funny.

I think the key was the Glow Colored Ratso. Seemed to be the pattern today. wink

Lets see if the catfish are just as hungry now.

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Yeah those frogs will crush little jigs, flies, and bits of crawler. Simple, and fun - especially if you can get close to a big bullfrog smile

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When you can see frogs on the waters edge, yet can't get close to them, fishing for them works great.

My son and I used to do this for fun...it's a blast.

Another critter that is a hoot to fish for is the sand toad. AKA sidewalk toads.

They can be led around all over the place chasing a split shot and a white piece of yarn tied into a bow to simulate a fly. They are like little Bulldogs when they hit it, they do not want to let loose..hang there and dangle and kick a while and than drop off.

And than....do it all over again, they are stubborn critters.

I had a Toad fishing willow by my garage door out at my old place. I had 4 or 5 bull toads that staked out mutual territories on each side of the house. I would go mess with them some evenings when I was bored and needed a giggle.

Cheap thrills..Eh!

And by the way...I'm kinda superstitious about toads and tree frogs...I never use them or black masked tree frogs as bait...ever.

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To weird dude!

After this 48 hours of cat fish fun, I was going to make a post about using frogs. I used them on Friday night with no success, but being on the shoot out I think I did not give them a great try out. Only about 2 hours, before I switched back to cut.

I just gave the kids the bait tank net and told them to go out and get me about a dozen frogs. They did and where back in about 10-15 minutes with a cooler full.

A couple of tid-bits I observed during with my brief encounter with frogs this weekend.

First when using frogs live, try and reel them up every 5-10 minutes. This keeps them from drowning and also keeps them alert.

Second, try and get frogs from a small pond. These frogs have no idea of water big water means. I think this might keep them from hiding on you when you throw them out. When I would bring them up for air, I would drop them in on shore and they where climbing for the surface. When I let the last of what I had go in the river, I could tell they had no clue what to do. They just sat right next to me for a long time and I could have possibly picked them up again.

Third, short of carrying a cooler and tackle box or second cooler, I found a large sucker/plastic bag, opened wide and twisted shut will hold enough air to keep them alive. Plus, the bag is easier to get them out of than a small cooler. I tried and it did not work.


This how I hooked them. If given air about every 5 minutes or so, they stayed alive a long time and moved very well.


Here was my arsenal of cut baits for Friday night shore fishing on the Mississippi North. The bag of frogs it on the upper left. I seemed to work great!


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Wrong type of frog. I have lot better luck with leopard frogs then green, mink or wood frogs. Keep them in a leech tamer. I use them under a float, tons of fun.

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flow troll buckets work awsome for frogs the flap/lid keeps em from getting out.. a 5 gallon bucket is good enough tho trick is to put enough water in the bottom so they have no leverage and cant jump very high to get out. When im not fishing i keep them in a 50 gallon plastic barrel with no lid outside.. the kids love to feed them grasshoppers and watch them eat even the neighbor kids get in on the fun of catching and feeding.

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    • big dave 2 and leech, darn good lookin meals!!!!  Dave have a good weekend!!!!
    • Ok Dave have a good weekend. Hope you get over the whole butt hurt Leech deal! Not sure where you got that I don't like folks smoking or grilling things?  I know I do enough. Have fun! 🙂  
    • Heavy rains across northwestern Wisconsin last weekend and early this week have flooded some roads and caused washouts on some highways, roads, state parks, forests and trails. According to the National Weather Service the area has received 7 to 12 inches of rain from Friday through Monday.Several park system property or portions of properties are closed due flooding. Amnicon Falls State Park, closed temporarily but has reopened, though some roads, trails and observation areas remain closed. Pattison State Park is open for camping only; all trails, observation areas, picnic and day-use areas are closed. There are washouts on the dam that forms Interfalls Lake and Highway 35 over the dam is closed. A campground and horse trail are closed at Governor Knowles State Forest and the day use areas along the river at Interstate Park are underwater.Water was roaring over Little Manitou Falls at Pattison State Park.Photo credit: Gervase ThompsonAll rivers in the region are running extremely high. The falls at both Amnicon and Pattison are roaring, but road closures mean observing the falls now is challenging. The Bois Brule and Flambeau rivers are high enough that some canoe launches and campsites are underwater. The water is making its way downstream and the Lower Wisconsin River is running very high with all sandbars submerged and canoeing and kayaking not recommended. The river is expected to crest Muscoda this weekend at 40,000 cubic feet per second. .
    • I'm still going to smoke this fatty while camping this weekend whether Leech likes it or not.....😋       See you fellers on Monday........
    • Rick didn't like all the "My Grills bigger and better then yours" posts!  😅
    • We switched to a new server. Had a glitch in our dB that lost a couple days of posts.
    • I ripped a hole in one of my favorite pairs of fishing shorts just need a decent sized patch to cover her up
    • I am not sure what happened either but we lost all of the posts last couple days not just this thread. And it looks like the same thing happened over on FM site as well. I know the site was down last night while I tried look at it.
    • We had no problems but only brought 10 extra gallons over.  We fished 5 days, pretty much running wherever we wanted and ended with 7 gallons remaining in the boat.  So, we burned 30 gallons of fuel in a 1785 Lund with 90 hp Mercury 4 stroke.   I thought that was pretty good!
    • Seems to me that we are missing an entire page from this thread that was here yesterday.... what gives?