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Time To Move On The 3/16 Initiative

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I posted this in the Political Power forum as well but I think more people look at this forum.

Did you all see the Outdoors Almanac section in the Sunday Paper? If this is not a misprint it looks like Senator Sams has upped the 3/16 initiative to 4/16. Please send your representatives an e-mail and ask them if they are going to support this. If they get enough of us writing they will have no choice but to support it (or we'll vote 'em out!!) I am including a link to the Strib article (scroll down until you see the Permanent Funding heading) and a link the Minnesota district finder web site. The District Finder will allow you to easily find out who your reps are and how to contact them. It's easy to do and only and only takes a few minutes to send a quick e-mail.


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I sure hope some people are taking a few minutes to send notes to your legilatures on this.
If you enjoy hunting or fishing, you need to act on this. It WILL make a difference.

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I have not been watching or reading the news lately, what is the 3/16 issue.


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I agree that stands should be removed as fish houses do each year, this would stop cabins in the sky. How about a stand Permit like a Portable permit? this could also raise some money. Angelers get taxed enough each year, through license's stamps and boat/house license's. Considering that some residents don't hunt or fish, is it fair for them to pay for someone else's sport? There is many ways to raise money such as through increased fines for those who break the law.

en kala
(I fish)

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My understanding from the first time the 3/16 bill went around is that the money is not soley for hunting and fishing, but for wildlife in general. Examples would include non-game wildlife (similar to the "chickadee checkoff" on the state tax form), state parks and state forests, maybe some city parks and trails, etc. It was a source of money dedicated to wildlife and outdoors, including hunting and fishing, but not limited only to hunting and fishing.

Also, if I remember correctly, the 3/16 money would replace some specific funds now allocated to the outdoors, such as maybe the state lottery money or something like that. That's one of the reasons the DNR has had to make such drastic cuts - through the state budgeting process they find out that they are going to be given much less money to run their department. Having a consistent and dedicated source of funds, such as 3/16, would provide some stability and limit cuts to these programs. The money currently given to these programs and departments would be used elsewhere (maybe not even wildlife or outdoors related). Personally I think it's a great idea.

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I recieved this as an email:


Dennis Anderson, Star Tribune

Published January, 30 2004


On Tuesday, while Gov. Tim Pawlenty was promoting a constitutional

amendment to reinstate the death penalty in Minnesota, leaders of various

hunting and angling groups were planning a press conference to promote a

constitutional amendment of their own.

Rather than execute the "worst of the worst" criminals, as the Pawlenty

constitutional amendment would do, the amendment promoted by the hunters

and anglers would execute a plan in Minnesota to vastly improve natural

resource conservation.

The surprise Tuesday was that the governor didn't promote the sportsmen's

proposed amendment in addition to the death penalty amendment -- given that

Pawlenty, before being elected, was among its chief advocates.

Said Pawlenty on Nov. 3, 2002:

"I have been a strong supporter of the idea of dedicated, long-term funding

for natural resources. . . . To get the [constitutional] amendment proposal

on the ballot we will have to demonstrate to Minnesotans that we have the

reforms in place to achieve the desired outcomes.

"My position is that I support the dedication of 3/16s of 1 percent of the

state sales tax from existing resources. . . . I am saying we would take

the 3/16s from the current sales tax.

"But whatever the exact details of the amendment the state's voters might

approve, it's not a violation of my pledge [not to raise taxes] if the

people of Minnesota decide to dedicate this money in a referendum.

"The Legislature has the ability to put such a proposal on the ballot. A

governor can't veto it."

This last is an important point. In theory, governors play only minor roles

in developing Minnesota constitutional amendment proposals. It is the

Legislature's obligation alone to approve such plans for placement on the

statewide ballot.

Still, a governor's support in encouraging passage of a constitutional

amendment proposal by the Legislature is important, if not crucial.

Which is why Pawlenty is pushing early for serious consideration by the

Legislature of the death penalty amendment.

Passage of such proposals is extremely rare, and passage this session of

two would be rarer still.

So it is that leaders of hunting and angling groups, aided in part by

former Sen. Bob Lessard of International Falls, are hoping their press

conference a week from today at the Capitol gives their idea a boost.

Some background:

The apportionment of 3/16s of 1 percent of the state sales tax is an idea

lifted from Missouri, where a similar sales-tax dedication underwrites what

is generally considered to be the nation's best conservation department.

Dedicated funding -- while not the sole answer to Minnesota's considerable

conservation problems -- is important for many reasons, among them:

? Without it, long-term conservation planning is futile.

? Without it, the DNR (or whatever a reconfigured conservation department

would be called) is forever at the mercy of the governor and the

Legislature, neither of which, historically in Minnesota, have

sufficiently funded or supported conservation.

? Without it, Minnesota soil and water will continue to be degraded, and

with them the state's quality of life. At particular risk in coming years

will be the state's aquifers and the drinking water they provide.

Next Friday's press conference (with its still unannounced, but promised,

slate of celebrities) is intended to breathe life into the 3/16s idea for

the coming legislative session.

But important to gaining support among legislators and, ultimately, the

governor is development of a plan to spend the money. Such a plan should be

part of a larger vision detailing what we, as citizens, want Minnesota to

look like in, say, 2020 and even 2050.

The reason: Understanding the additional pressures that agriculture,

development and more people will place on the state's resources in coming

years is a first step in determining how best to develop a conservation

program for tomorrow and beyond.

Passage of the dedicated sales-tax idea also implies retooling the state's

conservation delivery system. By this I mean primarily the DNR but, more

broadly, also other state and federal agencies, as well as conservation and

environmental groups. The goal would be to increase the likelihood that

(assuming an influx of new money) desired outcomes will occur.

Complex undertakings, yes, but doable.

First, however, comes the press conference next Friday to promote the

dedicated sales-tax idea.

Following, it is hoped, will be renewed support by the governor.

Then, finally, the hard work of moving the proposed constitutional

amendment through the Legislature.

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Hopefully, this will go through.

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Thanks for putting in the additional info.

To everyone else reading this post:

I would like to make it clear that if this is going to move forward WE all need to send a note to our representatives asking them to support it. We can’t just wait for one news conference and hope it just goes from there. I was at a meeting of the Minnesota Game and Fish Coalition a couple of years ago when Mark Holston (then a Senator now the DNR Deputy Commissioner) told us it does not take that many letters to make a difference. If you go to the Game and Fish Coalition web site they have suggestions on how to write a letter. I know just about everyone that visits this great web site does really care about our natural resources. I would like to suggest that if you have the time to be reading these posts and making posts of your own, that you do actually have the time to write to your representatives. It really does take just a few minutes and it can make a difference. Here is the link to the District Finder so you can easily find out who your rep is.


Please, please, please, please take a few minutes to do this!!!!!

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Come on folks, I know you are looking at this post. Send a note to your reps and then let us know what they say. I have not heard back from mine yet but with the session just getting under way I will cut them some slack.

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I sent a query to both of my representatives for Senate and House. Dick Day - Senate Republican leader and Connie Ruth. I have received no reply from Connie Ruth.

Here is the reply I received from Senate Republican leader Dick Day after I told him about the plan to introduce the 4/16s bill.

So it is basically the same plan as past years, only it's 1/16th of 1 percent more.

I will certainly support this bill. Doesn't matter to me who introduces the bill as long as we get it passed!


Dick Day

This is an edited version but does tell Dick's position accurately.

Everyone be sure to use the links above to contact your reps and let them know your position and ask for theirs.

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I just sent a email off to my state rep and senator. It was easy also, I hope more people get on board with this.

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I just sent my emails off. Only took a few minutes. Whoever posted the link to help me find my representatives, Thank You. That’s a great tool.

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My emails are sent. I'll post any response I get.

Thanks for all the info. It feels good to get involved!!

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Hey! Thanks for helping to get the word out. Tell your friends and co-workers to do the same. As you found out, it is easy and quick.

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The state senator who represents my district (first ring of the western metro) wrote me back. He told me that he will not be supporting this initiative. His logic went along the line that we do not use dedicated funding for other things (he used schools as an example) so we should not use it for this purpose. While I disagree with him and will probably not vote for him the next time he comes up for election because of this, I can see his side of things as well. I see this as a small price to pay for something that will benefit so many.

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Let him know you won't be supporting him on his next election campaign.

Great to see some movement here. Lets keep going.
I have one reply supporting the bill, and no reply from the other. I gave him a little reminder email today, that I want to know his stance.

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I made sure he knows how I feel about this. Before he replied he knew I wouldn't vote for him if he votes against this.

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Bumping this one up to the top.
Sorry, but its necessary.

If we can have 10+ pages for naming a cartoon, I would hope we could get 10+ pages for some actions on this.

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Sent my emails as well, hopefully the response will be positive. With all of the money that is spent in this state on hunting and fishing by residents and non-residents, it is high time we get something back on paper that goes back to our resources!!!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Without a doubt......NAP KILLZONE.  Shoot great and really drop the hammer when they connect with a deer.
    • Another win for the icefishinnut  with 323 pts. For win number 3 in the year.😀 2--Fishing_Novice             311 3--Juneau4                         292 4--BlackLundProV             283 5--Rip_Some_Lip               267 6--huckfin                           247 7--mnwildman                   239 8--rl_sd                                208 9--Swiveldigger                  80 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Season totals 1--Fishing_Novice                   7811 2--Juneau4                               7658                   The score in the top three are getting closer and with the ROVEL and Dega --🤔 3--BlackLundProV                   7654 4--huckfin                                 7485 5--icefishinnut                         7398 6--Rip_Some_Lip                     7384 7--mnwildman                         7265 8--Swiveldigger                        6971 9--rl_sd                                      6623   Good luck with the guesses this week. ( except for the  Fishing_Novice!😁 BlackLundProV could back off a Little too.😁   Good Luck in the mess this Week.
    • Sounds like a great trip and a really fun experience, congratulations! Thanks for all the pictures and sharing your story. I know that's a lot of work and it is much appreciated.
    • At this point we had one full day and one morning left to hunt.  No more elk moved into the drainage behind camp.  By some miracle a cow and spike did come back to the hillside we had elk on that first evening, but neither Dad or I could get in position quick enough before they went back over the fence.     All added up we had 2 very good opportunities, and one decent, which by our standards and past experience in general OTC type units was a pretty decent week of elk hunting even though no elk were killed.  We learned a lot about the unit and a potential better way to access the landlocked area behind us via a possible easement logging road, but we have to confirm that with the forest service at a later date.       You might be wondering what happened with our whitetail tags.   We had numerous run-ins with deer on an almost daily basis.  There were at least three occasions where does would feed right into camp, and it got to a point I kept my bow in the cook shack to try to shoot out of it as a blind.  They never stuck around long enough though to actually get a shot off.      Dad sat his tree stand a number of times above camp as he came down at sunset with enough time to sit in a tree for a half hour or so, but the deer always seemed to pass through the spots he could not shoot or see.  One time he climbed down to two deer staring at him from within range, he just did not see them coming...   Almost every evening we walked down the road behind camp we would kick up a deer or two bedding in the quakeys, but as the week progressed they clearly became more skittish of us.  I also tried hunting back down the gravel road and found some good spots where they crossed the road and creek, which if I actually focused on sitting over with a treestand I feel I could have shot a deer, but I wanted an elk more...        Our Elk B tags are good through rifle season, as are the deer tags.  If the stars align and my wife allows I might make a run back out.  I have an acquaintance in the area that I am checking with to see if he might be interested.       I hope Scoot and ArcherySniper come back to report better luck on their hunts.  
    • It rained that night, and the next morning we went up high to glass back where we left the elk.  They seem to have never left the cut we saw them bed in.       Some interesting low clouds.   It rained all afternoon, but the forecast said it would clear a couple hours before sunset.   We observed snow on the high peaks in the distance.        Once the rain stopped and the skies looked clear we went back to see if we could finally shoot an elk.  We worked the wind back up to where we had last sat so we see the elk and still move down to intercept if they came down for water/feed.   The elk were still up high, but shifted left a couple cuts.  We were now close enough to confirm that the bull was in fact a smallish 6 point.       We waited a long time watching the cows get up to feed and then bed down again repeatedly.  As sunset neared the lead cow looked ready to commit to coming down.  Our plan was to run down fast to intercept, watching as we fast-walked down to the bottom.   It was clear now the elk were following the left most ridge, and moving quite fast, they definitely wanted to get to the bottom for the good creek water and green grass!      The plan was I would run ahead to intercept as I could get their faster.  I knew the place they were going, having scouted it earlier in the week.  It was a perfect funnel.  The cows went behind the narrow ridge they were following, but the bull stayed high watching the drainage.  I managed to get up through the saplings quietly and in position, and could see the bull up high, and the cows feeding and walking right to me on a string!      Unfortunately behind me I heard a loud stick break.  The bull did too and was pacing back and forth rapidly trying to figure out what was below him...  I could see my dad standing in the creek bottom.   I adjusted my position, the cows were coming closer, I ranged for shot options, they would pass within 40yd and the bull might walk right over me...    The bull unfortunately had had enough.  He swooped down to the cows and herded them back up the hill...  The cows had no clue what was going on, but the bull clearly was not stupid.   After waiting until it was close to dark I picked my way back down to my dad, who was standing on the cattle trail we had gone up previously.  It turned out that he tripped over a downfall fell badly.   He was not hurt, but he thought the bull could not see him, but I had a better view from above as to what was going on.  Those elk were not seen again for the rest of the hunt.    
    • Unfortunately the weather turned bad on us and it rained over night, I forget if it was day four or five.   In any case a cloud system rolled in and low cloud ceiling filled the drainage behind camp.        We went up the front side of the area hoping elk would be out there to get out of the clouds.  It was extremely windy now as well.  I went high back where I saw the spike days earlier and was glassing back up the drainage when I saw a bull and three cows in the wide open up high!   I considered running down the cut between us to try to intercept in the creek bottom below, but did not want to risk bumping these elk when they were the only elk in the entire drainage!     Dad sidehilled across to join me, followed by a herd of mule deer does...      Selfie with cloud covered hills.        We watched where the elk bedded and decided to ambush them in the evening.  We decided to drive out to town to hit the grocery store so Dad could have more fresh food and not have to resort to eating what I brought.  The cloud system over the area did not look good from below at all...     That evening we went to the hill the elk were on in the morning so we could see where they were bedded.  The clouds were so thick now in the drainage we could not see up to where the elk were.  It was very windy and cold. The elk never showed up.  We left before sunset.     Another selfie in the clouds, so cold and windy I had to break out the facemask and extra layers while hunkering down behind a blowdown.      
    • I told my dad that he should not follow me up that hill, it might kill him.  He did not take me seriously...  He followed anyway.  We left camp very early as it was a long walk up the drainage, and I wanted to be on top before the elk, but I still needed daylight to get up the dangerous last 700ft.     Sunrise behind me on the way up:   I made it to the top and set up in the rock outcropping.  Time passed, Dad was nowhere to be seen behind me.  I saw a group of elk below me in the next drainage, a nice bull and what might have been the cows/calves I was seeing on the spine the previous days...     I waited, and waited, and saw lots of fresh tracks in the dirt.  Dad showed up, still no elk up high...  We waited until about 10am, long past when they had passed through the other times.  The elk below us bedded and a satellite bull moved in on them.  Another bull was bugling to the one below us, and we heard one lone bugle to the right.   We had no intention of going down to try to shoot one, because if we did it would be a nightmare for us to get the meat out again.        We gave up and picked our way back down the chute and all the way to camp.  After doing this walk two days in a row my feet hurt like hell and I was beat.  I would not be able to do it again a third day in a row.     
    • I think it was the third morning when I walked back up the big drainage behind camp to get a good look on the ground for elk sign.  On the way I saw more elk way up on the spine of the drainage.  Lots more elk sign in the back cuts.  It was clear this area held a lot of elk during the summer, but they got busted out by hunters during the early part of the season.    I decided I was going to get a closer look at the potential trail to the top of the drainage spine.  I am a rock climber, so heights don't bother me so much.  I was more concerned about footing and if my dad could get up there, and if I did shoot one how would I get it down...   The top of the spine where I was targeting was 1600ft above camp, the last chute is about 700ft alone and very steep.   I slowly picked my way up the chute, sweating profusely in the sun, but was rewarded at the top.    The view back to camp:   The view down the back side, one square mile of almost entirely private landlocked national forest.       The elk highway along the spine that I was seeing elk use, and was covered in fresh tracks.       The elk trail at the top funnel together at a rock outcropping that I knew I had to use as a blind. If I shot an elk up here it would have to be at the very top, because hauling meat down the hill behind me was bad enough, but I did not want to have to haul any up the hill either as it was just as steep on the other side!   I made plans to come back early the next morning and kill an elk at this spot.   That evening I sat on the other hill we had been hunting more consistently, and watched the herd of elk taunting us from a far off ridge.  Here is one of the small satellite bulls.    
    • Dad had seen a black bear below him that first morning, and when I walked down the next day with him I was able to snap some photos in the early light with my bigger camera.  They are grainy, but it looked like a nice bear to me.  We did not have a tag.     Herd of elk way out on private range land:   Interesting spider: