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January 24th - Gals Fishing & Winning - ICE Series

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Great walleye footage. I guided bhorn to the spot for this pig.

The Kids won the Eskimo Auger and Quickflip fish house. You'll enjoy watching them.... pretty cool.

The Gals took 2nd place and the Worlds Greatest Ice Angler Trophies. The champions for the second ICE Series Event in a row.

What's with the guys? Huge turnout too.

Make sure you enter an ICE Series Event for more fun smile.gif

Great Video - Watch It.

The Women Champs - IceLeaders.com: 56K Modem - CLICK HERE

256k High Speed - CLICK HERE

Recommend that you Right Click on the 256k link and "Save Target As" to download to your PC. Then play it right off your PC. The 256k is a bigger picture with better sound.

Let us know what you think?


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I want to really thank you for taking the time and effort to get these video clips put on the forums. I live in western SD in ranch country. There is nothing to like these events in my area, a couple smaller ones in the Black Hills. If it weren't for my brother and my 4yr old daughter, I'd be hard pressed to find a fishing partner. After spending most of your time out in the cold, most ranchers cringe at the thought of ice fishing.
I've been a member of this forum for some time and like to put a face to the username and love to see the fish and prizes. So this is just a word of encouragement to keep the videos coming and also a pat on the back for the best forum on the net.
Les Shaw

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Thank you, looks like I have a ton of them and not the goldies, I'm kind of disappointed. There's quite a bit of difference, I must have been fooled by the yellow on the siskins. It's been a while since I had either. I'm still looking for my bird books to identify the others. It seems the older I get the better I get at hiding stuff from myself! Thanks again, Mark
    • not my pic but here is a winter goldie. pretty drab
    • pine siskins. look a lot like winter goldies just smaller
    • Eyeguy, do you have a picture of a winter goldfinch and a pine siskin? I'm not 100% sure I know the difference. Any idea what the birds are I posted about with the colored backs? Those are on the safflower seed heavy, not on the niger at all. I wish I had a lens to take a picture to show you.
    • lots of pine siskins have been moving thru here. 
    • 1.21.19 Sunset Lodge Fishing Report, NW Angle of LOW,

      Hello from the NW Angle!

      We are making ice up here at Sunset Lodge and with fresh snow coming the trails should be in great shape.

      In Minnesota, we are seeing really nice saugers mixed in with walleye in 26-29ft. Rippin raps and rattle baits are calling fish to the house during slower portions of the day. Pink and white remains the favored color combo. Work these baits aggresively as they will attract fish, mellow out as fish appear on electronics, then finesse them with a more subtle presentation to seal the deal.

      Crappies continue to come in from Canada. Electronics are key with a small presentation such as a tungsten jig with a small piece of minnow. Walleye action is hot off points and reefs on flats between 24-28 ft. 

      Until next week!
      Sunset Lodge
    • I've seen a huge uptick in birds around my place as well.  I have let the feeder go empty now because the deer get to them before the birds do but still lots of birds in the yard. 
    • All of a sudden, the last week or so, I can hardly keep up filling the feeders! Redpolls by the hundreds and goldfinches so thick I fill the niger seed feeder every day. I thought Purple finches went away in the winter but I have something that looks just like them too. I also have some little finch type birds that some have either pinkish red backs under the wings or some are orangeish. Any idea what they might be? Those along with all the cardinals, nuthatches, and assorted others have me wondering what I'm going to spend my money on, their groceries or mine. I've got 4 times more birds than I had all last summer but I'm not complaining, they are a hoot to watch fight over the perches. 
    • Looking for someone (in metro area preferrably) to recarpet my boat over the winter.  2005 Alumacraft Navigator CS 185.  Any suggestions.