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Could I have tried anything different?

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I was fishing on Saturday in a lake I'm not real familiar with. Anyway, I look at the map, and theres a bar that runs from a point, all the way to the far shoreline, dividing two deep bays. It's about 3 ft at the shallowest point in the middle. It tapers into the 10 foot range all the way to each end, and is about 75 yards wide. After you hit the edge of the bar, it drops all the way to 80 ft on one side, and 90 ft in the other bay. Rocky bottom on the south end of both bays, and sandy with vegitation on the north end.

Anyway, I put tip ups out along the weed edge, in 8-12 feet of water for pike. That was fairly successful, with about 8 flags in 3 hours.

However, I cut holes between 14 and 30 feet along the drop-off on one side. All afternoon I marked fish coming up to look at any presentation, but only 3 bites before 4:30, none hooked.

Then, at 4:30 they startd hitting. They only wanted plain, whole minnows, on glow hooks or glow jigs. Nothing else got touched except on fish on a spoon. All in all, I caught about 20 walleyes in 2 hours.

Here's the problem... the largest one was 12 inches. Most were 6-10. Should I assume that with that many little ones, there are some keepers around? Could the larger ones be in a different area. The lake is big, long and narrow. Most of it has sheer sides, with depths between 45-110 feet. The south end has the bays I fished, plus a couple of shallow bays connected by a small flowage.

The lake is Beaver Dam, in Barron Co. WI, if anyone is familiar with it. I fish it in the summer for SM and pike, but haven't really tried for 'eyes until Saturday.



[This message has been edited by climbmda (edited 01-19-2004).]

[This message has been edited by climbmda (edited 01-19-2004).]

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