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Matt Johnson

Cool Cats Recap......

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A great time out on the Horseshoe Chain today for the Cool Cats Get Together. The wind made things interesting and for those of us who got there early the bite was pretty good. A lot of cats on the LX-3 and quite a few were suspended 10-12 feet off the bottom in numerous occations. Here are a few pictures of some cats caught today...





It was nice to put some faces to a few more names and to ice a few of those hard fighting cats! Red glow spoons tipped with the upper half of a minnow was how I got all my cats today. They were light biters and some bites even went undetected. If you get the chance to ice a few cats then give it a try. They are a blast!

Good job Dennis! Awesome event!

Good Fishin,
Matt Johnson

First Choice Guide Service

[email protected]
Catch-N Tackle and Bio Bait
Stone Legacy

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What a blast.

Another great event. If you've never been to a FM outing, give it a try.

Thanks for all the hard work Dennis. It was "cool" icin' my first cat(same presentation as Matt...I always follow the leaders smile.gif)...they taste great too. Chef Steele.

My favorite moment: I finally got a Rock'n Reel, BayouBill showed me the light.

Thanks Tbone!

Then I won a Rock'n Reel.

Thanks again Tbone.

Thanks to Flashman and The Chemist for the shelter offers...I held on out in the wind, but barely.

wastewaterguru caught 1 million rock bass today...nice!

I look forward to fishing with you all in the future. See you at the Burntside Bash!

P.S. Tbone, please don't tell me you slayed the walleyes after I left...please don't...


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Buzbunni.....Once I moved to the shallower side of the lake (after yous guyss took and went home) I ripped a coupla holes and sat there (like I always do) and caught some fish. I iced three cats over there in rapid succession. They were about the same size as in Matt's pictures. I released them all. I also caught a few perch there and, per your request, I won't comment on the walleyes. (Burp!).......Nice meeting up wit all yous cool cats today out there.....Dennis..thanks alot. I had fun......T

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Yep ..... I couldn't keep those rock bass off my hook. Tried going bigger and bigger with my bait until I ended up catching a pound and a half rock bass on a 5 or 6 inch shiner on a 3/8 ounce jig in 32 feet of water!!

I did manage a cat during the early bite.

Great event. Good to meet those that I hadn't met before and nice to see some familiar faces as well.

Nothing tastes better when your hungry from all that fishing than some fried cats, venicen steaks, hot dogs, beef jerky, homemade sausage, and a beverage.

Anyone else fall flat on their backs twice today??? High wind and no snow on the lake make for a fun time when you forget your spikes.

When are we doing that again?!!!!!!!!!

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Hey! That was FUN! smile.gif
I want to thank every one who came and made it a such good time.Met a bunch of old faces and made some new friends,and caught a few cats.Could'nt have been a better time for me.(of course some one could have turned that wind down just a notch!)

The morining bite was decent allthough they were biting VERY light.Almost undectible.A slight slack in the line was all the give away that the cats would give me.My Rock-n-Reel helped me pick up two of the cats I caught.The rod tip just rose a fraction of an inch then I would slam the little puss and the fight was on!Oooh I just love catching those whiskered devils!

Here is a few more pics


WWG and Matt Johnson icing a cat


Wastewaterguru with his first Cool Cat


Roy,all the way from Phoenix with his first icy cat.


Cat snacks Yumm!


Wow! I won an Eskimo Barracuda auger!


Cody has a Stone Legacy Unbucket to put his gear in.Daddy buy me my own rod!!

[This message has been edited by Dennis Steele (edited 01-19-2004).]

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I would also like to thank all the great sponsors who donated prizes.There were some vey fine prizes to be won.Please support these guys,They were very generous.

We gave a way:

An Eskimo Barracuda Auger

Stone Legacy Unbucket Jr. and FreezeBee

Bio Bait and and every one recieved Ring-n-Grub/Ring-n-Tube tackle packages.

A DVD video magazine from http://www.fishfever.com

A jig kit from TSJigs.Our own "Crappie Tom".
[email protected]

Rock-n-Reels from TBone.A bunch of them!

A free guided fishing trip on the Minnesota River and a ride in a River Pro Jetboat with ME! smile.gif

Uncle Grump also added a couple 12 packs of Pepsi to the prizes.
And Chemist put in a bunch of FM bumper stickers that he had left over.
Thanks guys. smile.gif

I can't wait till next year! smile.gif

Minnesota River Guided Fishing
[email protected]
NPAA #863

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I had a excellent time at cool cats, I met alot of new people that have the desire of fishing like I do. We managed a few cats, the bite was tough I had to downsize to 4lb and ultralight gear to get them to go.

A strong thanks to Dennis you put on a spectacular event, the food and fried cats were top notch. Also wanted to say thanks to all sponsors and people who donated products you are appreciated by all. And a big Thumbs up to T-Bone I can't wait to try my new tub mount Rock-n-Reel.

If anyone wants to try cats again in the future shoot me a email and I would be more than willing to go out with you.

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It was a great time, minus the wind of course but I had fun. Shawn claims to have never won anything until he got that Barracuda. He had that thing out of the box and put together as soon as we got back to his place, if he would've had any gas around I'm sure he would have fired it up.

I will make a few more trips to the "Shoe" this winter, maybe I'll see some of you guys out there again. I never did manage a kitty just rockbass. Thanks again Dennis, it's always a pleasure fishing with you.

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Hmmm, let's see. I have to be in Paynesville for work on Tuesday and Wednesday.....Paynesville is about 10 miles from the Shoe.......

Anyone want to fish the shoe Tuesday night from 5 till midnight or so??

Call me on my cell (952-221-4087) if interested.

I could use a couple cats for the dinner table.

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